South East Sulawesi Napabalano Nature Reserve

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South East Sulawesi

Napabalano Nature Reserve

A. Legal base, location, and space
Napabalano Nature Reserve is the oldest conservation area in South East Sulawesi, established on June 1, 1919 by decree of ZB. Van Buton No.4 Tahun 1919, tanggal 1 Juni 1919. Previously, the Napabalano was a State Forest. This is the habitat of teak tree (Tectona grandis).
The Napabalano of 9,2 ha is geographically positioned between 4°38′ southern latitude and 122°43′ eastern longitude, which is administratively included in Napabalano Village of Muna District. Management of this reserve is under the authority of RPH Tampo, BKPH North Muna I, KPH -CDK Muna.
The Napabalano Reserve is bordered with Napabalano Village in the north, the main road in the east, and production forest in the south and in the west.
B. Potency
The Napabalano is at an altitude of 2 – 10 m, topographically flat with slope 0 – 5 %, and soil type of mediterranian. Its climate is type D with annual rainfall 1.848 mm in average. The coolest temperature is 24°C, and the warmest is 33°C, with humidity 80%. Rainy season is January – June, July – December is dry season.
The Napabalano is the habitat of various species of flora and fauna e.g. teak (Tectona grandis), banyan (Ficus benyamina), ‘ippi’ (Intsia bijuga), ‘waru’ (Hibiscus tiliaceus) and ‘eha’ (Castanopsis buruana). Some wild animas like deer (Cervus timorensis), wild pig (Sus spp), Sulawesi black monkey (Macaca ochreata), lizard (Varanus spp.) and some birds like ‘perkici hijau’, ‘betet Sulawesi’, jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) and jungle dove are also found within this area. In addition, there is an oldest teak tree of ±180 cm in diameter which is already 350 years old.
Management of Napabalano is under the authority of KSDA Muna, Resort KSDA Napabalano based in Tampo. The nearest village is Napabalano of ±25 m from the reserve whose inhabitans are Muna people and Bugis people with farmer and fisher as their primary livelihood.
C. Accessibility
The Napabalano is easily accessible both by land and by sea. It is only 30 – 40 minutes from Raha, the capital of Muna District. Raha can be reached from Kendari in 3 hours by speedboat.
D. Problems
The main problem identified is there is no boundaries marker which is potential for squatting.


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