Central Sulawesi Danau Poso Nature Reserve

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Central Sulawesi

Danau Poso Nature Reserve


Bancea is a place in the west bank of Poso Lake, on Sulawesi Island – Indonesia. Bancea is known for the Sulawesi orchids and yellowish sand beach of Poso Lake.

Location:1°45′-2°05’S, 120°31′-120°42’E; 125 km southeast of Palu, Central Sulawesi.
Area:c.38,000 ha.
Description of site:
A large, permanent, freshwater lake in the hills of central Sulawesi. The lake drains north via the Sungai Poso into Tomini Bay.
State owned (Indonesian Government).
Land use:Fishing.
Disturbances and threats:
The two endemic species of fishes of the family Adrianichthyidae may have been exterminated as a result of the introduction of predatory fish species.
Economic and social values:No information.
The fish fauna includes four endemic species known only from this lake: Adrianichhhys kruyti, Xenopoecilus poptae (Adrianichthyidae), Weberogobius amadi (Gobiidae) and Homorhamphus celebensis (Hemirhampidae). However, A. kruyti and X. poptae are very rare if not extinct. Introduced fish species include Channa striata and Tilapia mossambica. The invertebrate fauna includes four endemic snails: Tylamelania carko, T. neritiformis, T.porcellanica (Thiaridae), and Miratesta celebensis (Planorbidae).


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