Central Sulawesi Danau Matano Nature Recreation Park

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Central Sulawesi

Danau Matano Nature Recreation Park


Latitude : 2 29 27 S Logitude : 121 22 22 E
Altitude : 400 to 1346 metres
Area : 30000 ha Wetlands: 18848 ha
Legislation : SK Mentan No. 274/Kpts/Um/4/79.
Tenure : PHPA
Site Description
The two lakes are the uppermost of a complex of three sets of lakes positioned one above each other: Lake Matano, Lake Mahalano, Lake Towuti. A large lake system surrounded by 2,000 ha of wet lowland forest and forested hills (12,000 ha). The size of Lake Matano is 16,408 ha and Lake Mahalona is 2,440 ha. There is some open secondary forest to the southwest. The area is highly disturbed by nickel mining at Soroako, which has contaminated runoff from shifting cultivation. Heavy siltation of the lake bottom has occurred (Indonesian Wetland Inventory 1987) Lake Matano has two sub-basinds, the west basin in 595 m deep while the east basin 485 m deep. Echosounding of the lake bottom shows a rather flat bottom. Indication of turbidity currents has been recorded. Although not accurately measured but currents along the longest axis of the lake is very strong. Principal vegetation: Callophyllum spp.

List of Birds (2 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Halcyon chloris
Macrocephalon maleo Vulnerable App I

List of Mammals (3 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Babyrousa babyrussa Vulnerable App I
Bubalus depressicornis Endengered App I
Macaca maura Endengered App II


List of Fish (20 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Anabas testudineus
Anguilla marmorata
Anguilla nebulosa
Aplocheilus panchax
Channa striata
Clarias batrachus
Cyprinus carpio
Dermogenys megarrhamphus Lower Risk
Dermogenys weberi Vulnerable
Glossogobius matanensis Vulnerable
Monopterus albus
Mugilogobius latifrons Vulnerable
Oryzias mamoratus Vulnerable
Oryzias matanensis Vulnerable
Paratherina woltereckii Vulnerable
Tamanka sarasinorum Vulnerable
Telmatherina abendanoni Vulnerable
Telmatherina bonti
Telmatherina celebensis Vulnerable
Trichogaster pectoralis

List of Mollusks (8 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Bellamya rudipellis
Brotia germifera
Brotia molesta
Brotia monacha
Brotia patriarchalia
Brotia policolarum
Brotia zeamais
Corbicula matannensis

List of Reptiles (2 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Crocodylus sp.
Varanus sp.


List of Vegetations (26 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Calophyllum sp.
Cyperus halpan
Cyperus pumilus
Eleocharis atropurpurea
Eleocharis dulcis
Eleocharis geniculata
Eriocaulon longifolium
Fimbristylis celebica
Fimbristylis dichotoma
Fimbristylis schoenoides
Fuirena umbellata

Lepironia articulata
Lycopodium cernuum
Machaerina disticha
Najas graminea
Nepenthes mirabilis
Nymphoides parvifolia
Ottelia alismoides
Ottelia mesenterium
Panicum repens
Phragmites karka
Rhynchospora corymbosa
Rhynchospora rubra
Scirpus mucronatus
Scleria poaeformis
Utricularia bifida



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