North Sulawesi, Minahasa, Kabasaran dance

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Minahasa, Kabasaran dance


The Kabasaran dance is totally different from other dancers in Indonesia that frequently show  smile and graceful movements. Red color combined with cruel faces make-up and  rising fighting spirit music dominates the celebration of the Kabasaran dance.

Kabasaran dance is one of  the traditional dances from Minahasa performed in groups wearing red clothes,  showing cruel faces and bulging out eyes. While the dancers are lifting swords  and spears, the Tambur (traditional percussion from Minahasa) is always  played during the dance. In the past, most of the Kabasaran dancers were  farmers who became the dancers of Kabasaran when there was a customary  festivity. If Minahasa region was on the war situation, the Kabasaran dancers turned become soldiers called Waranei. The basic formations of  the dance are Santi (nine steps swords) and Wingkow (nine steps  spears) with fourth quarter of Kuda-kuda (one of the movement techniques  in self-defense) that consists of two left steps and two right steps.

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