Banggai-Raja Tomundo Muhammed or Faja Hideo

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Banggai-Raja Tomundo Muhammed or Faja Hideo

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Ruler (title Aru)
1915 – 19.. La Welio Jina Bantl


1870 – 1872 Manawari (1st time)
1872 – 1873 Maradia Kape
1873 – 1880 Manawari (2nd time)
1880 – 1885 Sanggariya
1885 – 1906 Manawari (3rd time)
1906 – 1927 Laju Kakanna I Doro
1927 – …. Andi Baso


1907 – 1928 Abdul Rahman
1928 – …. Amaluddin

Banggai-Raja Tomundo Muhammed or Faja Hideo

Banggai-Raja Tomundo Muhammed, Faja Hideo

Keraton King is a relic of King Banggai Banggai whose condition is still well maintained. Cultural tourism object is located 72 kilometers from the city Luwuk and can be reached by boat for 9 hours.

Location is middle of a city palace Banggai, Banggai Islands capital where there inside the royal kris, royal umbrellas, musical instruments and dress kulintang king.
Banggai Kingdom is estimated to stand at 13-year century Saka year 1478 or 1365 BC. This kingdom was under the influence of the Sultanate of Ternate in North Maluku. The shape of the building resembles the palace royal courts in Ternate for Tidore and historical relations. Banggai kingdom known as the kingdom’s most democratic in the world, because it does not recognize the crown prince or heir. Anyone can be appointed as the King of Basalo sangkep decision. Sangkep Basalo serves as the People’s Consultative Assembly or the people’s representatives.

Banggai Kingdom also has a red-white flag decker 13. This flag is a sacred grove Paiutobui heritage.

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