Sulawesi North, Manado, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort

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Sulawesi North, Manado, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort


Why diving at Pulisan?

Well, you dive off-the track, between Lembeh Strait and the Bangka Archipelago, in a very diverse area of thrilling beauty underwater that only now starts to become a popular alternative to busy Bunaken. So diving is still pioneering; although every-now-and-then you will encounter one of the fancy “so-many-stars speedy cruisers” buzzing over from Manado, we promise that most of the time it’s just you, (your buddy), your dive guide, and great diving.

Afraid of divers?

Don’t worry; in Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort you won’t meet the “ugly package tourist”. You will be among friends. Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is a place to meet other nature lovers, but not “only” divers. There are more things to talk about than the always “that”. You might as well talk about village development, as many of our guests are concerned and involved, you might also talk about snakes, butterflies, birds, the exhausting trail you walked and the lizards and hornbills you met. Or just find yourself to pat Popo, one of our doggy friends.

Expect a fancy dive resort?

Don’t expect an all-fancy and always “on” the latest fashion dive-resort. What you will find is a small but well organized dive base attached to the resort with a professional staff. It’s all there, Coltri compressor, cylinders, weights and a range of equipment like wetsuits (all new, Mares & AMscuD), BCDs (all sizes), regulators (Mares & AMscuD), booties, fins. Accessories like dive computers, torches, cameras, usually our divers bring on their own. The same applies for optically adjusted masks. If you wish to rent such please let us know in advance and we’ll organize for it.

Custom made dive boats

We use two sturdily built wooden boats, custom-made by local carpenters, to take you to the divesites, which you will reach in a distance between ten (priest’s rock) and seventy boat minutes (Lembeh Strait sites). One boat is thirteen meters and offers a large sundeck, the other one is eight meters. The journey alone is an experience, let not alone the beauty underwater.

Senior dive guides

Our reefs will be shown to you by long year and senior dive staff who will take good care of you either being a beginner or an advanced diver with special interest or focusing on underwater photography. A freshwater bowl onboard to rinse your camera as well as the expertise of guides in spotting and helping handle will be surely appreciated.

In short: Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is an ideal place to come with a family or mixed interest group, i.e. divers and non-divers. There are plenty of activities for everyone!

» Dive Sites around Pulisan

Dive courses

Sonly, our long term dive center manager has switched from being a NAUI instructor to SSI – Scuba Schools International which becomes widely accepted all over the world for its thorough education while not missing fun. We can offer you now the whole range from Trying to Open Water Course and Specialty Courses to Advanced Open Water Course.

  • SSI Try Scuba Diving: Theory, 1 Pool/Confined Water, 1 Open Water Dive
  • SSI Scuba Diver: Theory, 3 Pool/Confined Water, 2 Open Water Dives
  • SSI Open Water Diver: Theory, 6 Pool/Confined Water, 4 Open Water Dives
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Diver: To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have done a total of 24 dives. More details here.

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