Sulawesi North, Manado La Rascasse Resort

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Sulawesi North, Manado La Rascasse Resort


Experience the unbelievable variety of marine life and density of the fish and coral population, also the dazzling colors and the sheer coral and drop-off walls, caverns and gullies.

 The spectacular characteristic of the most dive sites in around Bunaken National Marine Park begins with a flat reef reaching down to about 15 m then sloping downward to form underwater valleys or vertical drops plunging several hundred meters, large caves with hanging masses of coral and a tremendous collection of sea life like: Thousands of colorful coral fish, crabs, lobsters, transparent and red-striped coral shrimp, giant Napoleon wrasse, angelfish, turtles, blue ribbon eels, snappers, stingrays, eagle rays, groupers, tuna, sharks, sea snacks, barracudas dolphins and pilot whale, nudibranchs (Spanish Dancer), sea whips, anemones with clown fish, tube sponge, Christmas tree worms, orange and red encrusting sponges and much more.

  These will give you the most breathtaking experience. Bunaken National Marine Park is one of the best places for underwater photographers from all over the world because of the superb opportunities for both macro and wide-angle photography. At the ocean surface dolphins and pilot whales are frequently seen, and you might occasionally be surprised with sights of migrating humpbacked, killer, sperm or minke whales. Dugongs, or sea cows, are regularly spotted.

Manado is dive able all year round, but you can also still get rain at any time of year. Water temperature is about 28 to 29 deg C throughout the year. We suggest a 3mm or 5mm one-piece wet suit (or dive-skin for those who don’t get easily chilled) – make sure it’s full arms and legs, to protect against any stinging hydroids. Excellent visibility, from 20 up to 40 meters.

 Every dive in North Sulawesi is a great experience marine biodiversity, with a wide range of dive destinations. Join us for some blue-water drift dives down with the really big critters, as you drift effortlessly along the magic walls of the Bunaken Marine Park, or enthusiastic fun dive in Lembeh Straits and Bangka Island. Dozens of excellent dive sites, including wall diving, pinnacles, cave and wreck dive. A time you will never forget, diving in North Sulawesi, the most beautiful moment of your holiday.

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