Sulawesi North, Manado, Dive Center Thalassa

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Sulawesi North, Manado, Dive Center Thalassa


Of course we offer the best possible diving and snorkeling in the most flexible way. The walls and slopes of Bunaken National Park offer a wealth of big and small underwater life and we even challenge our guests to make a “wish list” for themselves, for whatever they would like to see that is smaller than 1 meter and is indigenous for the area. Because you dive only in very small groups, maximum 4 divers with 1 guide, the chance is very high that you can cross everything off your list before you leave.

Night dives

Night dives are a must. The tranquil atmosphere, the opportunity to be close to many fish sleeping in the reef, the encounter with numerous nocturnal species and the fluorescent algae all around you make these dives a fairytale-like experience.

Special Trips

The special daytrips for diving we offer bring you to our other dive areas as well. This makes North Sulawesi so special; within a maximum of 1,5 hours travel, you can visit and dive in 4 completely different underwater environments; The south side of Bunaken National Park, named Popooh and the waterfront side of the city, The Bangka Archipelago in the north and the Lembeh Strait in the east.
You will be amazed by the variety you can encounter, even if you would still stay around the Bunaken area. Try our special mini cruises like the “Critter Tour” and the “Big Fish Tour”.
Our guests commented on the “Critter Cruise” that we should call it “bethlehem” an acronym for “better than Lembeh”.


Try to make a shallow dive in the mangroves or in our marina. You will be amazed what you can find there and the best thing is, you don’t have to pay for it. It is free, either dive in daytime or at night. Especially for photographers that like to shoot “up and under” this is a great opportunity. Check out the tides and the best time to go with our office staff and they will organize your equipment to be put where you want to get into the water.
Have fun!


We do not offer Nitrox diving at Thalassa. The reasons for this decision is that we take safety very seriously. The steep walls in combination with the often unpredictable currents makes diving with Nitrox too hazardous. Besides this it is the lack on precision of many of the Indonesian workers in combination with the poor medical and technical back-up that re-enforced the decision not to offer Nitrox as one of our services. We do however, offer PADI Nitrox Certifications. Take advantage of this to enjoy longer bottom times or an extra safety margin in Lembeh.

PADI Courses and Programs

Whether you are not a diver yet or you would like to improve your skills, Thalassa Dive Center can offer you most PADI programs, conducted by our professional PADI instructors.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving and Bubblemaker

If you only would like to try, there is the Discover Scuba Diving program for anyone between 10 and 100 years old, if you bring your child and he or she is 8 or 9 years old, they can do the Bubblemaker program. We have special equipment available for small children.
In both programs the participant will be explained what to do and how to stay comfortable during the pool session. The “divers” that would like to try the real thing, can make their first dive at one of the dive sites of Bunaken national Park

PADI Open water Course

The first dive course, to get a real license is called the Open Water course and will take you only 4 days. The course starts almost immediately by taking you into the water and learn how to use the equipment and do some easy exercises. After the first pool session and some basic information about how to stay safe, we trigger your enthusiasm by taking you for your first open water dive.
After that it is up to you; you need to work through the easy to read open Water Manual, fill out the knowledge reviews and discuss these with your instructor. He will also ask you to do some simple tests to make sure you have understood all what is important for you.
The second and following pool dives, as well as the other 3 open water dives you plan yourself, together with your professional PADI instructor. You should take at least 3 days to do the course. Most people need 4 days.
Do you have very short time for all this, or you would like to start while still being at home? Try the website and register yourself for E-learning. It is fun and you can start right away and will arrive well prepared.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The Adventure Diver course is designed to be taken right after the Open Water course, with as the main objectives to gain more experience under supervision, but most of all; to have more fun…! The course takes usually 2 days and includes a student manual, certification fee and the use of dive equipment.
You will be making 5 dives, each with a special task. A Deep Dive until 30 meters, to learn better planning and monitoring your gauges and a Navigation Dive, to improve the skill you learned in the open water course are required. Besides these 2 dives, you have to make 3 more, which you can choose yourself, based on your point of interest.
Choices can be made between the following dives: Peak performance Buoyancy, Photography, Fish Identification, Wreck diving, Night diving, Underwater Naturalist, Drift diving and the Project AWARE dive.

PADI EFR and  Rescue diver course

The Rescue course is really a must for all serious divers. For this course you need a little bit more experience and a license for Emergency First Response. This first aid and resuscitation course matches the Rescue course precisely. The skills learned here, will be, must be and can be applied during the practical sessions of the Rescue course.
During the actual rescue course you learn skills to help yourself and others, how to respond on dive calamities and learn to delegate and manage dive accident.
The course takes usually 4 days and includes a student manual, certification fee and the use of dive equipment.

PADI Specialty courses

Diving is fun, and PADI is a strong promoter of that statement. That is why we would like to offer you not only the main courses, but also a variety on Specialty courses, made to meet to your personal interest. Specialties we offer are Deep Diver, Night Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Coral Reefs, AWARE Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Digital Photographer, Wreck Diver, NITROX, Equipment and Navigation, amongst others.
We also offer the DAN Oxygen Provider course. This is a diving first aid course and is an excellent stand alone or as a supplement to the EFR & Rescue Course.

PADI Leadership level courses

The Divemaster course is the first leadership level course for those divers, that seek a career in diving or like to take more responsibilities. The next steps to take are the Assistant Instructor Course and the open Water Instructor course. The 2 last courses are often called Instructor development Course or IDC.
For more information about the possibilities of doing these courses at 5* PADI IDC Center Thalassa just send us an email.

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