West Papua, Ketengban tribal area, Nongme, Umtambor, Urubool, Sekame

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West Papua, Ketengban tribal area, Nongme, Umtambor, Urubool, Sekame


Ketengban tribal area,

New Guinea

(Nongme, Umtambor, Urubool- and Sekame village) 

Location:West Papua. New Guinea Island.

The Ketengban people inhabit an area on the north-eastern side of the central mountain range in the IndonesianProvince of Papua, on the island of New Guinea. They live in an elevation varying from 6500feet in the mountainous region to 1500 feet in the northern hills and number between 12000-14000 people.

Ketengban language has been classified as Papuan stock and part of the Mek family in the Trans new guinea phylum. There are four different dialects: the Central, Eastern, Western and North-eastern, though all are mutually intelligible.Bounded in the east by Eipomek and the Mek Language, to the west by Apmisibil and the Nggalum language, and to the northwest bordering the less inhabited lowlands, were people speak the more unknown Lepki and Yetfa languages.





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