East Papua, Tanah Merah bay, Depapre, Yepase, Tabla-Supa, Tabla-Nusa, Amai, Ormo, Villages

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Tanah Merah bay, Depapre, Yepase, Tabla-Supa, Tabla-Nusa, Amai, Ormo, Villages


North-Papua, west of Jayapura.

Tanah Merah is a area west of Jayapura and Sentani on the northern coast of West Papua. It consists of villages such as among others: Depapre, Yepase, Tabla-Supa, Tabla-Nusa, Amai and Ormo. Most of the villages in the area is located within the Tanah Merah bay. The language traditionally spoken in this area is called Tabla, and is related to the Sentani language.

Overview of the Tanah merah Bay, where most of the tabla language villages are located.


The village of Depapre. Americans used Depapre as a entry point to Jayapura during WW2. (14March 2012)

The village of Depapre, with its small harbor. (14March 2012)




Small riverbed in Amai. (14March 2012

Beach in Amai. Regurlarly visited by Jayapurans during weekends. (14March 2012)

View to coastal area near of Tabla nusa. (14March 2012)

Grinding Sago. (14March 2012)

House in Amai. (September 2004)

Adrian and Ebben (September 2004)

A cassowary bird at the beach. The bird was kept by locals who had caught it while it was still small, and raised it until it had reached a decent size before it ended its days on the food-table in 2005. (September 2004)

Cassovary bird.(September 2004)



(February 2005)

(February 2005)

Inside a traditional fishermans house. (February 2005)

The local church “Yauwari” in Yepase (February 2005)

Family in Yepase. (February 2005)

(February 2005)

Beach in Yepase.

Tabla Supa

Tabla Supa. (August 2006)

Village gathering after a funeral. (August 2006)

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