East Papua Biak-Yapen 25 tribes

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Papua tribes

Biak-Yapen 25 tribes



Ambai  11.000 Islam


Yapen Waropen Regency, Yapen Selatan and Yapen Timur subdistricts. On Ambai Island in Cenderawasih Bay, south of Serui Island, along the south coast of Serui Island. 10 villages. Alternate names: Ambai-Menawi. Dialects: Randawaya, Ambai (Wadapi-Laut), Manawi. Closely related to Ansus [and], Woi [wbw], Pom [pmo], Wabo [wbb], Marau [mvr], Papuma [ppm], Munggui [mth], Kurudu [kjr]. Lexical similarity: 77% with Serui-Laut [seu], 71% with Wandamen [wad].

Awera  100 Christian

Yapen Waropen Regency, Waropen Bawah subdistrict. East side of Cenderawasih Bay, Wapoga River mouth. 1 village.

Barapasi  2.900 Animism

Yapen Waropen Regency, Waropen Atas subdistrict. East Cenderawasih Bay just east of the Waropen language [wrp], along Barapasi River and tributaries. Alternate names: Baropasi. Dialects: Sipisi, Marikai. Lexical similarity: 67% with Kofei [kpi], 71% with Sauri [srt], 61% with Tefaro [tfo], 64% with Woria [wor].

Bauzi  1.900  Christian

Jayapura and Yapen Waropen regencies. Lake Holmes area near mid-Mamberamo River; Danau Bira area, northeast, Kasonoweja north of Kustera; Mamberamo Tengah and Waropen Atas subdistricts, Vakiadi, Noiadi, Danau Bira, Solom, Kustera, Neao, Itaba villages. Alternate names: Baudi, Baudji, Baudzi, Bauri. Dialects: Gesda Dae, Neao, Aumenefa

The Bauzi tribe consists of a group of 1500 peBauzi-01ople living in the north-central part of Indonesia province, Papua. The Bauzi area consists of much of the lower Mamberamo area in northern Papua. While the Bauzi people were historically a fierce animistic people group, they are now 65% Christian. For the most part, tribal warfare is no longer a large part of Bauzi culture and all Bauzi people speak the same language. In recent years, linguists have been studying the language and translating various literature, including the Bible, into the Bauzi language.

Biak  33.000  Christian

Biak and Numfor Islands nortBiak-01h, numerous small islands east and west of Bird’s Head, including Mapia Island. Biak Numfor Kabupaten. Alternate names: Biak-Numfor, Mafoor, Mafoorsch, Mefoor, Myfoorsch, Noefoor, Noefoorsch, Nufoor. Dialects: Ariom, Bo’o, Dwar, Fairi, Jenures, Korim, Mandusir, Mofu, Opif, Padoa, Penasifu, Samberi, Sampori (Mokmer), Sor, Sorendidori, Sundei, Wari, Wadibu, Sorido, Bosnik, Korido, Warsa, Wardo, Kamer, Mapia, Mios Num, Rumberpon, Monoarfu,




 Vogelkop. Some consider Biak and Numfor dialect 2 languages.




Burate  100   Animism

Yapen Waropen Regency, Waropen Bawah subdistrict, near Wapoga River mouth. 1 village. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 69% with Demisa [dei], 75% with Tunggare [trt].

Demisa  800  Christian

Waropen Bawah subdistrict, Desawa and Muyere coastal villages, Botawa village inland along Wonoi River. Alternate names: Desawa. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 69% with Burate [bti], 64% with Kofei [kpi], 60% with Sauri [srt], 65% with Tunggare [trt], 64% with Woria [wor].

Most Demisa are gardeners and forest-gatherers in their lowland homeland. At an altitude of 100-900 meters above sea level the Demisa people can best be accessed by boat. Demisa territory is a 6 hour boat trip from Serui and there is an inactive airstrip in their area.
The government built a number of houses for the people. The people eat sago, fish, and vegetables. Clean water is available in the area.

Kirkiri 400  Christian

Tariku (Rouffaer) and Kliki (Fou) rivers juncture west, Dofu Wahuka, Paniai villages. Alternate names: Kirira. Dialects: Kirikiri, Faia.

Kofei  100  Christian

East side of Geelvink Bay, recently moved to Sauri-Sirami village. Possibly seminomads in the interior. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 67% with Barapasi [brp], 64% with Demisa [dei], 76% with Sauri [srt], 63% with Woria [wor].

Mor   60  Christian

Northwest Bombermor_toneai Peninsula, Bintuni Bay coast. Alternate names: Mor2.

Rasawa  300  Christian

Waropen Bawah subdistrict, south coast. 2 villages.

Most RASAWA people fish or gather from the forest in their coastland territory. At an altitude of less than 100 meters above sea level the RASAWA people can best be accessed by boat. It is a 6 hour boat trip from Serui island and there is an inactive airstrip in RASAWA land.
The people eat mostly fish and sago. One positive feature in the area is the good water supply.

Saponi 4

Interior Waropen Bawah subdistrict, Botawa village.

Sauri 100 Christian

East side of Cenderawasih Bay near Waropen [wrp], Sauri-Sirami village, near Sirami River. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 71% with Barapasi [brp], 60% with Demisa [dei], 76% with Kofei [kpi], 63% with Tefaro [tfo].

Saweru  400  Christian

Serui Waropen Regency, Yapen SelataSawerun subdistrict, central Serui Island, an island south of Yapen Island near Serui. Alternate names: Sarwar Use.

Tefaro  100  Christian

East side of Cenderawasih Bay, Tefaro and Demba villages. Alternate names: Demba. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 61% with Barapasi [brp], 63% with Sauri [srt], 70% with Tunggare [trt].

Tunggare  600  Christian

North central, west of Mamberamo River, east Geelvink Bay near Nabire, inland from Waropen [wrp]. Alternate names: Tarunggare, Turunggare. Dialects: Most closely related to Bauzi [bvz]. Lexical similarity: 70% with Bauzi, 75% with Burate [bti], 65% with Demisa [dei], 70% with Tefaro [tfo], 69% with Woria [wor].

Warembori  700  Animism

North coast, Mamberamo River mouth and west to Poiwai, Warembori, Tamakuri, Bonoi villages. Alternate names: Waremboivoro, Warenbori. Dialects: Bonoi Buroro. Similar to Yoke [yki]. Lexical similarity: 33% with Yoke and 30% with Austronesian.

Waropen  8.100  Christian

South coast of Serui Island, East Cenderawasih Bay. Alternate names: Aropen, Wonti, Worpen. Dialects: Waropen Kai, Napan, Mo’or.

Woria  6

Interior Waropen Bawah, Botawa village. Dialects: Lexical similarity: 64% with Barapasi [brp], 64% with Demisa [dei], 63% with Kofei [kpi], 69% with Tunggare [trt].

Yeretuar  350

Lower Cenderawasih Bay, south of Wandamen [wad]. Alternate names: Goni, Umar, Umari.


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