Raja Ampat, Sea Kayaking

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Raja Ampat, Sea Kayaking






Be amongst the first to experience Raja Ampat’s unique natural wonders by sea kayak, reaching hidden paradises without disturbing Mother Nature’s delicate balance.

Kayaking is obviously the activity we concentrate on. Our home-stay to home-stay program will enable you to focus on the kayaking knowing you will have a dry place to sleep and a kitchen to cook your meals in after an exciting day of paddling. The choices of routes and destinations points are endless, for the experienced die-hard paddler, or the more leisurely paddle for groups or families.

Though the original idea with Kayak4Conservation was to cater to the more adventurous kayaking trips, during which experienced kayakers are self reliant and independent.  We now also provide kayaking guides and support boats for individuals or groups with less experience, although it is still very much an expedition you undertake. Your support team not only offers you logistical guidance but if requested, can also prepare meals for you at the home stay locations or a chosen campsite. GPS coordinates and maps along with rental equipment such as dry bags, first aid kits, life vests, etc. are available upon request. At the moment this support is supplied through Papua Diving although any requests for this service can be sent [email protected]

Kayak4Conservation and its Papuan team are now the proud owners of four kayaks, a fleet which will grow according to popular demand. These kayaks are located at our home base on Kri Island along with supplies and services for the convenience of our visitors. Our home stays are also completely operated, constructed and managed by the villagers, offering an incredible opportunity for kayakers to experience Papuan life and culture at the same time supporting the local people through sustainable and 100% eco-friendly tourism.

Many of our home stays are still under construction; however, we are fully operative so why not join us in creating the ‘experience of a lifetime’ for not only yourselves, but in a new venture for the Papuan people.

How does Kayak4conseration.com work and who is involved?

Kayak4Conseration is a partnership of village people who each own a guest house (home stay) and/or a kayak. The guest houses and kayaks are offered for rent and by doing so we directly help the local community. Next to this guiding services are offered at a set fee to further enhance the income potential for the local inhabitants of the area.

Some guest houses are funded by the RARCC even thou the villagers build and manage it themselves. We are working on establishing 13 such guest houses (home stays), currently 5 are under construction. There are also other home stays that have been privately funded where you can also stay(we include them on our maps). With provisional maps and our guidance, guests determine their own route and duration of their trip. The guest houses (home stays) are located approximately 15 kilometers apart from one another (about 3hours kayaking). There are many options for longer distances and rigorous paddling of course, the choices are endless and all yours to make. Along each route there are more than enough distractions to fill in an entire day, from snorkeling, exploring caves, paddling up hidden canals, rivers and  passages…  Several of the guest houses (home stays) are located in such strategic locations that a visitor can make multiple day trips from one such location. The maps & booklet we provide give all important and relevant information (villages, places of interest, caves, rivers etc.).

Our kayaks are built in the RARCC fiberglass workshop with specially designed moulds in two models; both sit in and sit on top designs.  The kayaks are of modern design built with modern hand layup fiberglass. Under the instruction of our resident fiberglass expert our Papuan team is involved with the construction of their own kayak at the same time learning valuable new skills for the future.

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