West Papua Pulau Venu Nature Recreation Park

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West Papua

Pulau Venu Nature Recreation Park


(Surat Keputusan) Menhutbun No. 891/Kpts-II/1999, 14 Oktober 1999. Luas areal 16.320 hektar.

TelurPenyuPulau Venue, is one of the small island in the south of the area of the District Buruway only about 15 ha. The island has white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs. As the name implies, is a niche of turtles laying eggs Star Fruit and some endemic animals and wildlife migrants. A white sand beach where turtles lay their eggs and Bird Maleo Carambola. Creatures like the Pelikan migrants from Australia every year periodically present in this island to just avoid the extreme seasons in his native habitat, and sometimes make this island as a niche for breeding. By day, bats hanging in a lot of Pine trees that grow on the coast of this island to wait for nightfall to rest, again on the move looking for food. In the middle of the island is a lagoon (pond reef), is the habitat of several marine biota. Venue AnakPenyuDi Island site also keeps a sacred tombs until now still looks physically. Sea waters around the island has a coral reef with a variety of shapes and colors, various types of marine biota associated with coral reefs create a panorama of stunning ocean floor. Venue island can be reached by sea with an average travel time from 3 to 5 hours from the capital, Kaimana; 1 to 1.5 hours from the capital district Buruway and 20 – 30 minutes of using the Long Island Adi Boat / Speed Boat.

Small islands such as Archipelago and Island Triton Aiduma can be developed as tourist attraction Islands. In sea waters around the island of Napoleon fish are found (Cheilinius undulates) a large variety of ornamental fish such as angelfish (Pemacantus sp) which can be a site point for diving and snorkeling tours. water sports such as skiing and jet skiing. In addition, many areas covered by the soft coral that is very broad and is a natural fish food. This situation is supporting the activities of fishing and snorkeling tours. The serenity of this area is also a very appropriate location for a break to unwind and tired. Bisari Bay, found a kind of rock garden (coral garden) is very broad extending from the Cape to the village Mosimosi Comb, is a natural architecture created difficult for humans.

Bay waters TelukTritonLima contained in such Kaimana Bisari Gulf, Gulf of Etna, Avona Bay, Triton Bay and the Gulf Arguni. Waters along the bay, there is a small island with lots of hills and cliffs will show the beautiful natural panorama. This situation creates a location that is free from the onslaught of waves and wind and very good for the community in cultural behaviors such as rituals, ceremonies welcoming guests with dances and ceremonies typical Sasi as local wisdom in the utilization of marine resources, also could be developed into cultural tourism destinations in Kaimana District .

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