West Papua Tamrau Selatan Nature Reserve

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West Papua

Tamrau Selatan Nature Reserve

(Surat Keputusan) Menhutbun No. 891/Kpts-II/1999, 14 Oktober 2002. Luas areal 350.000 hektar.

Pegunungan Tamrau Nature Reserves

Pegunungan Tamrau Utara and Selatan are two areas of each approximately 250,000 ha. proposed to become nature reserves.

Pegunungan Tamrau comprises a mountainous area in the northwestern part of Vogelkop peninsula part of Sorong province. Habitats in the reserves consist of lowland and mountain forest, and forests on ultra-basic rock. The area is home to a number of rare animals endemic to the Vogelkop peninsula.

As with most reserves in Irian Jaya there is no easy way to the Tamrau mountains. Probably the best you can do is hire a boat from Doom harbour in Sorong and head for the turtle beaches of Jamursba-Mandi, described above. Pegunungan Tamrau forms the hinterland of these beaches.

No data available.
PHPA, Jl. Pemuda 40, Sorong.


* Long-beaked echidna – Zaglossus bruijni
* Long-tailed pygmy possum – Cercartetus caudatus
* Grizzled tree-kangaroo – Dendrolagus inustus
* Vogelkop tree-kangaroo – Dendrolagus ursinus
* Stein’s cuscus – Phalanger vestitus
* Lesser bare-backed fruit bat – Dobsonia minor
* Big-eared flying fox – Pteropus macrotis
* Bismarck flying fox – Pteropus neohibernicus
* New Guinea sheath-tailed bat – Emballonura furax
* Rusa deer – Cervus timorensis
* Wild boar – Sus scrofa
* Chestnut tree-mouse – Pogonomys macrourus
* Pacific rat – Rattus exulans
* Himalayan rat – Rattus nitidus


* Northern Cassowary – Casuarius unappendiculatus
* Black-capped Lory – Lorius lory
* Pesquet’s Parrot – Psittrichas fulgidus
* Western Crowned-Pigeon – Goura cristata
* Long-tailed Honey-buzzard – Henicopernis longicauda
* New Guinea Harpy Eagle – Harpyopsis novaeguineae
* Vogelkop Whistler – Pachycephala meyeri
* Crinkle-collared Manucode – Manucodia chalybata
* Black Sicklebill – Epimachus fastuosus
* Black-billed Sicklebill – Epimachus albertisi
* Superb Bird-of-paradise – Lophorina superba
* Western Parotia – Parotia sefilata
* King Bird-of-paradise – Cicinnurus regius
* Arfak Astrapia – Astrapia nigra
* Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise – Seleucidis melanoleuca
* Lesser Bird-of-paradise – Paradisaea minor

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