East Papua Sungai Digul Nature Reserve

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East Papua

Sungai Digul Nature Reserve


Location:5-ªl5’S, 140-ª30’E to 7-ª15’S, 138-ª40’E; Merauke District, southeastern Irian Jaya.
Area:c.500 km of river.
Altitude:Mostly below 300m; source at over 3,000m.
Description of site:
One of the largest rivers of Irian Jaya, with all the major riverine habitats characteristic of the region. The river rises in the eastern end of the Maoke Range near the Papua New Guinea border, and drains southwest across a vast swampy alluvial plain into the Arafura Sea.
Over thirty species of freshwater and brackish water fishes are known to occur, including 15 species endemic to New Guinea: Clupeoides papuensis, Anus sp. nov., A. acrocephalus, A. caninatus, Cochiefelis danielsi, Hemipimelodus macrorhynchus, Nedystoma dayi, Neosilurus equinus, Melanotaenia splendida, Hephaestus roemeni, Bostrychus stnigogenys, Oxyeleotris fimbriata, Oxyeleotnis novaeguineae, 0. nullipora and 0. paucipona. The new species of Anus is known only from this river. Other fishes include Nematalosa erebi, Thryssa scratchleyi, Scleropages jardinii, Cinetodus fregatti, Neosilurus aten, N. brevidonsalis, Anguilla intenionis, Strongylura kreftti, Melanotaenia goldiei, Pseudomugil gertrudae, Ambassis macleayi, Pingalla lorentzi, Mogurnda mogurnda, Oxyeleotnis herwerdeni, 0. lineolatus, Aseraggodes klunzingeni, Cynoglossus heterolepis and Pristis microdon. No information is available on the other fauna, but it is likely that the Estuarine Crocodile Crocodylus porosus occurs

List of Fish (17 species)
Species Red Data Book Cites
Arius carinatus
Arius latirostris
Arius macrorhynchus
Bostrichthys strigogenys
Cinetodus froggatti
Clupeoides papuensis Deficient Data
Cochlefelis spatula
Cynoglossus heterolepis Hephaestus roemeri
Melanotaenia splendida
Nedystoma dayi
Nematalosa erebi
Oxyeleotris paucipora
Pingalla lorentzi
Pseudomugil gertrudae
Scleropages jardinii
Thryssa scratchleyi

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