Roti Island Map and Tribes Info

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Roti Island Map and Tribes Info

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Rote Island

Bilba-Rote Island east, West of Ringgou -7.600

Rote Island east, domains of Bilba, Diu, and Lelenuk. West of Ringgou. Communities on Semau Island and Timor mainland near Kupang. Alternate names: Belubaa, Bilbaa, Eastern Rote, Rote, Rote Timur, Roti, Rotinese. Dialects: Bilba, Diu, Lelenuk.

Dela-Oenale-Rote Island west coast-7.500

Rote Island west coast, Dela and Oe Nale domains. Alternate names: Delha, Oe Nale, Rote, Rote Barat, Roti, Rotinese, Western Rote. Dialects: Dela (Delha), Oenale (Oe Nale). Dela-Oenale seems between Dengka [dnk] and Dhao [nfa]

Dengka-Rote Island northwest-21.000

Rote Island northwest, Dengka and Lelain domains, east of Dela-Oenale [row], west of Lole (Ba’a). Alternate names: Rote, Rote Barat, Roti, RotiDengkanese, Western Rote. Dialects: Western Dengka, Eastern Dengka, Lelain. Western Dengka dialect has marked intonation; some occurrences of ‘ngg’ in Eastern Dengka dialect become ‘nd’ in Western Dengka. Some vocabulary of Western Dengka is like Dhao [nfa]. Dengka and Dela-Oenale [row] are more divergent from other languages on Rote.


west central, Lole and Ba’a domains. North Lole covers north and central regions of Lole domain. Alternate names: Ba’a, Ba Central Rote, Loleh, Rote, Rote Tengah, Roti, Rotinese. Dialects: North Lole, South Lole, Ba’a. North Lole ‘na-hina’ becomes South Lole ‘ni-hina’.

Ringgou-E-Rote Island-11.000

Rote Island east tip, Ringgou, Landu and Oepao areas. Alternate names: Eastern Rote, Rikou, Rote, Rote Timur, Roti, Rotinese. Dialects: Ringgou, Landu, Oe Pao (Oepao).

Termanu-Rote Island-32.000

Central Rote Island, Termanu, Keka, Talae, Korbafo, Bokai domains; Kupang, West Timor, and Jakarta. Alternate names: Central Rote, Pa’da, Rote, Rote Tengah, Roti, Rotinese. Dialects: Pa’da (Termanu), Pa’da Kona (Keka-Talae, Southern Termanu), Korbafo (Korbaffo), Bokai. Seems more similar to Lole [llg] than to other varieties on Rote. Korbafo and Bokai may need to be separated for sociolinguistic reasons.

Tii-Rote Island-21.000


Four traditional vessels fishing back to the Belanak Rock at the Tulandale Fish Landing Base


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