Sumba West Tarung Village Waikabubak

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Sumba West Tarung Village Waikabubak






If the lifestyle of the Sumbanese seems more interesting to you than art and history, you have to go to Tarung which is located almost in the heart of the regional center of Waikabubak Naturally (for Sumba) it’s still not possible to avoid megaliths completely even there: In general Tarung is the main village of 12 tribes of this region (at present there are only several families of tribal priests of local religion called Marapu staying here)… …what has first made this village the tribal center also has ruined it later: it really takes too much time and strength to climb up here: But at present it is just a burden with no benefits. None of the villagers would really consider such views as an advantage: It livens up here only twice a year – in June during celebration called Purungu Takadonga and in November for the whole month of Wula Padu ceremonies which start from the 1st day of full moon. Spirits of ancestors come to the village to be entertained by dances and singing, and fed by slaughtered animals. But those who are alive are not allowed to cry during this time – otherwise spirits can get angry… Tribesmen may also get angry: once in the 90th one local bureaucrat was killed immediately when he dared to overtake the grand procession…

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