Sumbawa Pulau Moyo Hunting and Marine Park

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Pulau Moyo Hunting and Marine Park



Moyo, Pulau Moyo Hunting, Marine Park, Taman Buru



Pulau Moyo Hunting Park comprises two-thirds (22,250 ha) of the island Pulau Moyo, which lies a little north of Sumbawa. The marine park has been established to conserve 6,000 ha of the surrounding reefs and offers some of the most beautiful and untouched coral gardens in Nusa Tenggara. Equipment to explore the reefs can be rented on the island in Air Manis.
Pulau Moyo itself consists of dry savanna with thorny trees and patches of green forest. Wildlife which consists of wild boar, deer and buffalo can be easily spotted on the savanna.
Pulau Moyo can be reached by boat from Air Bari on Sumbawa. To get to Air Bari take a minibus from Sumbawa Besar. In Air Bari boats can be hired to take you across to Tanjung Pasir on Pulau Moyo. Tanjung Pasir can also be accessed directly from Sumbawa Besar (boat 3 hrs.).
* TanjungPasir
o PHPA Guesthouse
* Air Manis
o PHPA Guesthouse
KSDA, Tanjung Pasir
PT Moyo Safari Abadi, Jl.Garuda 84, Sumbawa Besar.

* Long-tailed macaque – Macaca fascicularis
* Banteng – Bos javanicus
* Water buffalo – Bubalus bubalis
* Rusa deer – Cervus timorensis
* Wild boar – Sus crofa


* Surgeonfish – Acanthuridae
* Stingray – Dasyatididae
* Batfish – Ephippidae
* Moray Eel – Muraenidae
* Boxfish – Ostraciidae
* Damselfish – Pomacentridae
* Parrotfish – Scaridae
* Grouper – Serranidae
* Puffer – Tetradontidae
* Reef Whitetip Shark – Triaenodon obesus
* Moorish Idol – Zanclus cornutus

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