Timor Pulau Ndana Wildlife Reserve

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Pulau Ndana Wildlife Reserve

Pulau Ndana, also known as, Pulau Dana is a uninhabitated, 1,500 haNdana, Pulau Ndana Wildlife Reserve, Suaka Margasatwa. islet southwest of Roti, of which 1,000 ha. has been gazetted as a Wildlife Reserve. The site is important as a nesting area for a sharply decreased population of Green and Hawksbill Turtles and is home to a extensive population of Timor deer.
Pulau Ndana can only be reached by chartered boat from Oeseli on nearby Roti island. Before you go ask around if you need a permit to access. PHPA has a full-time guard on the islet.
As mentioned above, the islet is uninhabitated and consequently no accommodation can be found. Roti has simple accommodation in Baa, Namberala and Papela.
PHPA, Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan, Walikota (Kupang suburb).
Mammals CITES in blue, Red List species in red, on both lists: purple
* Rusa deer – Cervus timorensis
* Green Turtle – Chelonia mydas
* Hawksbill Turtle – Eretmochelys imbricata

Ndana Island in Kec. Southwest Rote is a very beautiful island with its natural reserve, located at the mouth of Bo’a surf beach – Nemberala which can be reached by motor boat / spedbot + 20 minutes. Ndana island surrounded by beautiful white sand and the rustle of the waves that is interesting enough to play surf contest. In the middle of the island has a red lake is one of the objects that have sacred level is still strong, one of the taboos for women visitors who come on this site is not within a period. In this lake there is also a sacred sword formerly used by a character named SANGGUANA customary to exterminate his enemies.

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