Timor Dataran Bena Hunting Park and Pulau Menipo Wildlife Reserve

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Dataran Bena Hunting Park and
Pulau Menipo Wildlife Reserve


Dataran Bena or Bena Plain is a 11,000 ha. hunting park south of Soe. About 5,000 ha., comprising the western site of the area is wet, grassy and treeless. Another 5,000 ha. consists of forested savanna while the remaining area is beach with mangrove forest, fresh and brackish water ponds and dry-beach vegetation with Pandanus and Spinifex grass.
Adjacent lies the 2,000 ha. Pulau Menipo Wildlife Reserve, a mangrove-lined estuary including a small sandy island: Pulau Menipo.
There’s no public transport to the area. However, the sites should be accessible from both Soe and Kupang.
* Kupang
o Many possibilities
* Soe
o Hotel Bahagia Satu and Dua.
o Hotel Mahkota Plaza.
o Hotel Anda.
PHPA, Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan, Walikota (Kupang suburb).


* Bruguiera sp.
* Ceriops sp.
* Pandanus sp.
* Rhizospora sp.
* Rhizophora apiculata
* Sonneratia alba
* Spinifex sp.
* Xylocarpus sp.
* Xylocarpus moluccensis

* Northern common Cuscus – Phalanger orientalis
* Long-tailed Macaque – Macaca fascicularis
* Rusa Deer – Cervus timorensis

* Collared Kingfisher – Todirhamphus
* Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo – Chrysococcyx basalis
* Fork-tailed Swift – Apus pacificus
* Red-cheeked Parrot – Geoffroyus geoffroyi
* Olive-shouldered Parrot – Aprosmictus jonquillaceus
* Spotted Dove – Streptopelia chinensis
* Emerald Dove – Chalcophaps indica
* Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove – Ptilinopus regina
* Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula rosacea

* Australian Pelican – Pelecanus conspicillatus
* Streaky-breasted Honeyeater – Meliphaga reticulata
* Plain Gerygone – Gerygone inornata
* Fawn-breasted Whistler – Pachycephala orpheus
* Olive-brown Oriole – Oriolus melanotis
* Timor Figbird – Sphecotheres viridis
* White-shouldered Triller – Lalage sueurii * Northern Fantail – Rhipidura rufiventris
* Rufous Fantail – Rhipidura rufifrons
* Wallacean Drongo – Dicrurus densus
* Broad-billed Flycatcher – Myiagra ruficollis
* White-bellied Bushchat – Saxicola gutturalis
* Flame-breasted Sunbird – Nectarinia solaris

* Green Turtle – Chelonia mydas
* Olive Ridley – Lepidochelys olivacea
* Timor Monitor – Varanus timorensis

* Estuarine Crocodile – Crocodylus porosus

Menipo Island is not shown in any geographical map. It is only 571 hectares large or 7,328 meters long and 700 meters wide. It is separated from Timor Island by a narrow strait.
Menipo Island is part of Enoraen Village, Kuarasi District, in the Kupang Regency. This island is occupied by various kinds of animals, such as Timor deer (Cervus Timorensis), wild pigs, turtles, alligators, bats, small birds, pigeons and turtle- doves. It is a popular place for recreation on weekends and holidays. One can go fishing, snorkeling, swimming or surfing.

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