Lombok Kuta Gerupa Bay Nature Reserve

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Kuta Gerupa Bay Nature Reserve

Latitude : 9 53 30 S Logitude : 116 16 30 E
Altitude : 0 to 0 metres
Area : 250 ha Wetlands: 250 ha
Tenure : Government owned and private (tourism and seaweed culture)
Site Description
The site is a coastal area where extensive seagrass meadows occur (250 ha) on intertidal zone down to te depth of 10 metres. Around the bay, several hills occur, with the higest altitude is about 80 metres. The substrate in the coastal area consists of mud, fine sand, coarse sand, coral rubble and dead corals (massive). The tidal range is 3 metres. Eleven species of seagrass were recorded in the site. Seagrass froms monospecific and mix vegetation, with coverage varried between 5-100%. The dominant species is Enhalus acoroides. There are at least 70 crustaceans belonging to 16 families, 70 molloscs, and 85 fish species that have been recorded associated with this habitat. The beach is a nesting site for turtles during November-April. The seagrass meadows are habitats for Dugong. This mammals have been caught for several times in 1990 and 1992. Economically seaweeds found in the beds are Eucheuma and Gracilaria.
Site Location
The site is located south of Lombok island, about 80 km from Mataram.

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