Flores Teluk Maumere Marine Recreation Park

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Teluk Maumere Marine Recreation Park

Maumere, Teluk Maumere Marine Recreation Park, Taman Wisata Alam

Teluk Maumere Marine Recreation Park comprises an area of 59,450 ha. in the north-eastern part of Flores. The park consists of a large bay with eight islands, fringed by mangrove forests, coral reefs and sandy beaches covered by dry beach forest. The bay was considered to be one of the best diving spots in Indonesia until, in December 1992, an earthquake caused considerable damage. Moreover, recently the park has been heavily damaged by excessive dynamite fishing by Bajau from Pulau Besar. It is doubtul if it is still worth a visit.
Pulau Besar, the largest island of the bay, is inhabitated and can be visited by boat.
Maumere can be reached:
* by bus from Bajawa via Ende and Moni.
* by boat from Ujung Pandang (Sulawesi) or Kalabahi (Alor).
* by plane from Java, Bali, Sumbawa, Timor, Kalimantan, Sulawesi or Ambon.
* Maumere
o Many possibilities.
PHPA, Jl.Litbang 3, Maumere
Flores Sao Wisata, Jl.Nai Noha, Maumere
Sea World Club, Jl.Nai Noha km 13, Maumere

* Avicennia spp.
* Bruguiera spp.
* Rhizophora spp.
* Sonneratia alba

* Long-beaked common dolphin – Delphinus cf. capensis
* Dugong – Dugong dugon

* Flores Green-Pigeon – Treron floris
* Green Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula aenea
* Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula rosacea
* Osprey – Pandion haliaetus
* Brahminy Kite – Haliastur indus
* White-bellied Fish-Eagle – Haliaeetus leucogaster
* Bonelli’s Eagle – Hieraaetus fasciatus
* Yellow-spectacled White-eye – Zosterops wallacei
* Thick-billed Flowerpecker – Dicaeum agile
* Black-fronted Flowerpecker – Dicaeum igniferum

* Green Turtle – Chelonia mydas


* Fusilier – Caesionidae
* Jack – Carangidae
* Reef Blacktip Shark – Carcharhinus melanopterus
* Grey Reef Shark – Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos
* Batfish – Ephippidae
* Garden Eel – Heterocongridae
* Wrasse – Labridae
* Emperor – Lethrinidae
* Snapper – Lutjanidae
* Nurse Shark – Nebrius concolor
* Damselfish – Pomacentridae
* Ray – Rajidae
* Parrotfish – Scaridae
* Tuna – Scombridae
* Scorpionfish – Scorpaenidae
* Grouper – Serranidae
* Hammerhead Shark – Sphyrna sp.
* Puffer – Tetradontidae
* Reef Whitetip Shark – Triaenodon obesus

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