Flores, Labuhan Bajo to Ruteng Accommodation

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Flores, Labuhan Bajo to Ruteng 120 km, 4 Hours


All the Accommodations:


Labuhan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small and pretty harbor on the western-most tip of the island of Flores and is your entry point to the Komodo National Park (KNP) and the wonders of the island of Flores. At sunset. Labuan Bajo offers spectacular scenery as the many small islands that face this harbor silhouette dramatically against the darkening sea, creating a most magical effect.

With growing numbers of tourists travelling to Komodo and Flores, more star-rated hotels are now available. Prices of strategic lands have increased as the strong tourism potential around Labuan Bajo attracts major investors.

With the established of the regional administration in Labuan Bajo, transportation access to Labuan Bajo, by land, sea and air continue to be enhanced. Numerous economic and tourism developments are now in an advanced planning stage or under construction in West Manggarai. Labuanbajo, also spelled Labuhanbajo, is a city at the tip of Flores Island in Indonesia. It is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island to see Komodo dragons and the surrounding sea is idyllic for diving and snorkeling. Nearby Seraya Island is a great opportunity to do some diving and snorkeling and every evening at Kalong Island thousands of flying fox bats put on an amazing display.

Labuanbajo can be accessed by ferry from Sumbawa or by public bus from Ende and Maumere. There are also daily flights between Labuanbajo and Denpasar.

Komodo National Park encompasses a lot of water and islands west of Labuanbajo. If you want to go to Rinca or Komodo islands, or dive in the park you will have to buy a 3 day park pass for 15 $USD. Money from such user fees goes into conservation efforts (including armed patrols) that are apparently overseen by the WWF.

Rinca Island (Indonesian: Rinca Kecil or Pulau Rinca) is a more convenient place to see Komodo Dragons than Komodo island. Some dive operators might be convinced to combine a stop at the island with a days diving. There are big dragons that are often right in front of the pier when people arrive.

Scuba Diving within the park is excellent. There are three main dive operators that offer day dives as well as live aboard opportunities: Bajo Dive Club, Dive Komodo, and Reef Seekers. The Dive Komodo divemaster is a true enthusiast of manta rays (clearly evident by the tattoo on his back), who often spots manta rays from the boat between dives. He has been known to join divers in jumping into the water with snorkel gear to have a look at them.

Seraya Island (Indonesian: Seraya Kecil or Pulau Seraya) is an idyllic island and a great opportunity to get away from civilization and do some snorkeling and diving. Seraya is little more than a small, arid island outside of the Komodo National Park with a few bamboo huts for tourist lodging, a restaurant, and some villagers who let their goats graze on vegetation. The island’s cove is protected from the sea providing calm and clear water for snorkeling. At low tide the coral is exposed and local fishermen walk on the reef in search of prey. Rowboats can be rented and taken to nearby islands for snorkeling and diving. Make sure to run up to the top of the hill behind the resorts and check out the sunset. The lodges on the island do have showers, but running water is only available a few hours a day.

One of the more spectacular displays of nature in the area is at Kalong Island (Indonesian: Pulau Kalong), which literally means “Flying Fox Island.” The name is quite appropriate as the island is home to thousands of Kalong, or giant flying fox bats. Boats to Kalong can be chartered from Labuanbajo. Your boat will situate itself next to the mangrove island and at dusk literally tens of thousands of flying foxes emerge from the mangrove island and move over your boat towards Rinca Island. For the entire colony to emerge will take roughly twenty minutes of continuous waves of bats passing over your boat. The boat ride to/from Labuanbajo will take roughly one hour.


Gardena Hotel, Labuhan Bajo




Gardena Hotel is an accommodation best for your trip to the exotic island of Flores. Located in the tourist center of Labuan Bajo, you will get all you need for your trip easily. The hotel is on the hill that the hotel offers you excellent view over the beach of Labuan Bajo. It needs around 5 minutes walking to get to the beach.

Gardena Hotel provides comfortable accommodations in traditional wooden bungalow style. The bungalows are beautiful with the tropical garden and beautiful flowers in its surrounding. Each bungalow features fan, single and double bed, shower, as well as the veranda/ balcony.

Gardena Hotel has convenient place that you will enjoy every single day you spend in this hotel. You can just relax on your private veranda while enjoying the excellent view over Labuan Bajo Harbor. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of the nature in the hotel surrounding from the open air restaurant. In this restaurant, you can order various menus of Indonesian, Chinese and Italian cuisine as well as seafood, steaks and sandwiches. You can also order fresh fruit juices and soft drinks. While enjoying your meal, you can also enjoy the view. This open air restaurant is best for its sunset view.

Other services available in Gardena Hotel are laundry service as well as some services for your tour in this island including tours to Rinca, Komodo, and snorkeling trips to Bidadari and Sabolon Island. Moreover, the hotel’s reception will assists you to arrange your Flores overland tours by bus or by private car.

Providing convenient accommodations, Gardena Hotel will be the great decision for your Flores tour as well as the best place for your relaxing days.

Service and facilities at Gardena Bungalow:

  • Bungalows accommodation
  • In town location
  • Hill side panorama view of the harbor
  • Located in the tourist center of Labuan Bajo
  • Gardens
  • Veranda/balcony on all accommodation
  • Laundry service

Gardena offers traditional wooden bungalows located in the tourist center of Labuan Bajo. A convenient and perfect place to stay for explorations of West Flores or for a trip to Komodo. Relax on the veranda  while you enjoy the splendid view of Labuan Bajo harbor.


  • Jl. Yos Sudarso, Labuan Bajo,
  • Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia 86554
  • Tel: +62-385-41258/41945; Fax: +62-385-41944
  • Mobile phone: +62-81339495244
  • Website:www.gardenahotelflores.com

Labuan Bajo Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel


Location: Located on the western part of Flores Island in the Sunda archipelago near Labuanbajo in an idyllic setting, the hotel is nestled in the heart of a beautiful bay and wild. The charming accommodation is combined with fine cuisine and quality service.


Ruteng Accommodations:


A market town and meeting point for the hill people of western Flores, Ruteng is the heart of Manggarai country, which extends to the west coast from north of Aimere. The town is surrounded by rice fields on gentle slopes beneath a line of volcanic hills.


Ruteng is a pleasantly cool town of broad streets, but it’s spread out and not particularly atmospheric, though there are some interesting sights in the vicinity. Most people just spend a night here, stopping to break the interminable bus journey.Ruteng’s lively, sprawling pasar (Jl Kartini) is a meeting place for people from the surrounding hills. 

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/indonesia/nusa-tenggara/ruteng#ixzz21W2S7l9s


Kesusteran Maria Berduka Hotel


Wisma Suster MBC is a guesthouse built by the Sisters of the Sorrowed Mother Mary Congregation – for internal purposes.

This is the place to stay. It will bring you a refreshing -and oh so needed- break from the dirtiness, noise, lack of comfort, insects, cold shower buckets…etc From far the best place I stayed in Flores: Great bed, fragrant sheets, peace & quiet, HOT water shower (the only time I had one) freshly cleaned towels, even a very nice

it’s a convent with rooms for visitors that accepts outside visitors. Rooms are simple but immaculately clean and comfortable. If you are stopping over in Ruteng, there is no question that this is the place to stay.

Later on, the guesthouse started receiving foreign visitors who seek a much better accommodation in comparison to the already available homestays in Ruteng. The Wisma Suster MBC is also known as Wisma Suster Maria  Berdukacita – Ruteng.The rooms are housed at the main building of the Sisters of the Sorrowed Mother Mary Congregation Complex in Ruteng. It offers a serene atmosphere with simple and clean rooms.Wisma Suster MBC only provides breakfast which is served at the dinning room next to the main building.

* Reading RoomServices:
* Doctor/Nurse on call
* Laundry/Ironing

Languages Spoken:
* English
* Indonesian
* ItalianRates:
Rp. 550.000/night/single or double including breakfast and taxes


Niang Maro the Traditional Guest House in Wae Rebo Village


Stay overnight with local people in traditional village will be more memorable. The villagers will welcomed all tourists who want to stay there that can be joined at people’s houses or stay in Wae Rebo traditional guest house as their traditional accommodation.

Wae Rebo is a old traditional village located in west part of Flores Island, Indonesia, the located is on a hilltop surrounded by high mountains and have no roads, only a footpath to climbing Poco Roko mount and then down to the hill to get village.

The locals in Wae Rebo already provides a new traditional guest house included standard toilet for the guests called “Niang Maro” all the guests can stay there properly like locals sleep on mats made from pandanus leavess which circle extends around the main pillars.

Local agreement think out decisions cost for visitor:

Entrance in Wae Rebo Village Rp.225.000/pax/night. Price include entrance fee (for local government), donation to Wae Rebo village, guest house, lunch, dinner, breakfast.

Tourists who don’t want to stay overnight in village will be charged Rp.100 000/pax. Price include entrance fee (for local government), donation to Wae Rebo village and lunch.

For the safety reasons during climbing Poco Roko mount forest from Denge village to the top and down to Wae Rebo village, all tourists should follow the locals as porter and guides. Porter cost is about Rp.150000, per person go and back (return to the Denge).

Crossing from Denge – Wae Rebo – Nandong village (The village behind mountain close to Flores main road) the porter cost is about Rp.200 000 per one porter.

If tourists want to see traditional singing cost about Rp.200.000 per one-time showing. The traditional singing called “Mbata” music accompanied by gong and drum.

Visitors should be maintain decorum when you stay with local community in Wae Rebo village, should not be embrace or kissing even though the husband and wife. When you want  to replace the clothes should be in a special room that has been prepared.

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