Halmahera- Gunung Gamkonora Crater Lake Nature Reserve

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Halmahera- Gunung Gamkonora Crater Lake Nature Reserve

Gunung Gamkonora, Halmahera- Gunung Gamkonora Crater Lake,

Latitude : 1 20 24 N Logitude : 127 30 0 E
Altitude : 400 to 1640 metres
Area : 32000 ha Wetlands: 100 ha
Tenure : Government of Indonesia and local people
Site Description
A steep volcano constituting the highest peak on Halmahera. It lies in Indonesia’s wettest agroclimatic division and has rich volcanic soils. The lush forests are an important water catchment area for the fertile Akelamo valley and coastal agriculture belt. The area contains a crater lake (100 ha)
Site Location
Gunung Gamkonora is located on Pulau Halmahera, Kabupaten Maluku Utara.


Country: Indonesia

Subregion Name: Halmahera (Indonesia)

Volcano Number: 0608-04=

Volcano Type: Stratovolcano

Volcano Status: Historical

Last Known Eruption: 2007 

Summit Elevation: 1635 m 5,364 feet

Latitude: 1.38°N 1°23’0″N

Longitude: 127.53°E 127°32’0″E

The shifting of eruption centers on Gamkonora, at 1635 m the highest peak of Halmahera, has produced an elongated series of summit craters along a N-S trending rift. Youthful-looking lava flows originate near the cones of Gunung Alon and Popolojo, south of Gamkonora. Since its first recorded eruption in the 16th century, Gamkonora has typically produced small-to-moderate explosive eruptions. Its largest historical eruption, in 1673, was accompanied by tsunamis that inundated villages.

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