South East Maluku Kei Islands Savanna cottages

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South East Maluku Kei Islands Savanna cottages


Savanah Cottages is the place we stayed at on Pulau Kei Kecil. By far one of the best chill out places we have stayed at! This beautiful hostel located at a beach near the tranquil village of Ohoideertawun, hosts 8 persons (4 huts). It has a relaxing atmosphere, a dinner table outside over viewing the beach and the sea, a nice garden with hammocks hanging Between the palm trees and very friendly, informative hosts Gerson and Lucy. The prices are a bit over average Indonesian prices, but all the comfort, coziness and it’s location really makes it worth staying here for 10 days. We spend a lot of days doing nothing, Ambon – Our Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) at Dede RestaurantAmbon – Our Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) at Dede Restaurant Ambon – Our Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) at Dede Restaurant Savanah Cottages hanging around, reading, listening to music, laying in the sun, talking with the other guests (mostly couples). Since the place is a 40 minute motorbike drive away from the main city and restaurants it was very handy engine That we could rent bikes by the hour. Especially at night in the pitch black dune landscape it was quite exciting to drive. We did not eat in the city all the time, Because They served western Also good quality meals in Savannah, Which Usually we ate outside under a starry sky lit by the moonlight and some candles. One of the main “attractions” is the best beach in the world: Pasir Panjang. A 20 minute drive from Savannah bike 3 km beach stretches out Between 2 tiny villages in a light curve. The sand is so white, Especially when the sun is REFLECTS light on it and along the beach you can see nothing but palm trees on one side and on the other side, the most clear blue water You could ever imagine. I’d say a good reason to bike there a couple of times to lay there in the sun and enjoy this perfect beach. A video we Ambon – StreetviewAmbon – Streetview Ambon – Street View firing from the beach you can find here . A few times we rented a motorbike for the day to explore the Island. We went to the main city and wandered around on the impressive market and headed down south to find another nice beach, for All which we had to cross a water by a small boat after our engine was being carried interest into the boat. We visited a clear blue water cave, went up to a viewpoint, Where They build a few Jesus statues overlooking the archipelago. We basically covered the whole island by bike and saw loads of tiny villages, where Mosques and churches are situated next to eachother. One day we and the rest of the guests or Savanah chartered a boat to visit a small island, where we could lay on the beach do some snorkeling and walk around the Island in 10 minutes wile searching for shells.


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