North Maluku Seram Teluk Kotania

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North Moluccas

Seram Teluk Kotania

Latitude : 2 58 0 S Logitude : 128 1 0 E
Altitude : 0 to 0 metres
Area : 1115 ha Wetlands: 115 ha
Tenure : Government
Site Description
The Bay contains large area of seagrass meadows. The seagrass meadows grow on te shallow area including sand bar and coral reef. Four seagrasses are reported from this area i.e Enhalus acoroides, Halophila ovalis, S.isoetifolium and T. hemprichii. The dominant species at Osi island, Burung Island and south of Lalansoi are Thalasia hemprichii; ad the dominant species between Tatumbu island and found at Osi island; H.ovalis grow at Kotania, Masika Jaya, Pelita Jaya and Pohon Batu. In 1984 it was reported that 34 species of seaweeds belong to 15 species of red algae (Rhodophyta), 14 species of green algae (Chlorophyta) and 5 species of brown alge (Phaeophyta) occur. A total of 207 species of fishes belonging to 52 families were collected at the area (Osi and Marsgu island). Between these families are Apogonidae, Chaetodontidae and Lethrinidae, Pomacentridae, Labridae, Siganidae and Tetraodontidae. About 63 species of hermit crabs belonging to families Diogenidae and Paguridae occur in the area. On the reef flat of the area is dominated by an economically important seaweeds Gracilaria sp. with the biomass of 994 g/m2. The total area covered with this species is 40 ha. Another importan seaweed is Hypnea sp. The seagrass meadows are important as habitats for dugong. It was reported that at the coastal area of Tatambu Island and southern part of Osi island, dugong appeared for several times. Sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) also occur in the area.



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