Pulau Manuk

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Pulau Manuk Wildlife Reserve

Pulau Manuk, Manuk, Pulau Manuk Wildlife Reserve, Cagar Alam

Pulau Manuk Wildlife Reserve consists of a remote volcanic island 100 km south of the Banda archipelago. The reserve comprises an area of 100 ha. and forms one of the most important seabird breeding sites in the South Pacific. However, exploitation of birds and their eggs by local fisherman has recently led to major declines in these bird colonies and scientists have warned that some may disappear within the next few years.
The surrounding coral reefs are undamaged but, as there are no facilities on the island, it’s difficult to explore them. The island’s volcano (285 m.) can be climbed with some help of the local fisherman.
There’s no public transport to Pulau Manuk. You have to hire a large boat from one of the local fisherman and need a bag of money. Expect to pay as much as $900 for this 3-day trip.
You won’t find any facilities on Pulau Manuk.
* From Ambon to Banda by using aircraft with a journey time of about 1 hour or by using a ship, with a journey time of about 8 hours.
* From Banda to Manuk Island Wildlife using marine motors, with travel time approximately 8 hours.

* Sacred Kingfisher – Todirhamphus sanctus
* Bridled Tern – Sterna anaethetus
* Brown Noddy – Anous stolidus
* Osprey – Pandion haliaetus
* White-bellied Fish-Eagle – Haliastur indus
* Red-tailed Tropicbird – Phaethon rubricauda
* Red-footed Booby – Sula sula
* Brown Booby – Sula leucogaster
* Pacific Reef-Egret – Egretta sacra
* Great Frigatebird – Fregata minor

* Sea snake species – Hydrophiidae

* Reef Whitetip Shark – Triaenodon obesus
* Jack – Carangidae
* Tuna – Scombridae


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