Moluccas national parks Map

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North Maluku

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1 National Park

Seram Manusela National Park

3 Nature Reserves

Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve
Pulau Kassa Wildife Reserve
Pulau Pombo Marine Recreation Park

27 Proposed Nature Reserves

Halmahera Gunung Gamkonora Crater Lake
Halmahera Lifamatola Nature Reserve
Halmaheira -Lolobata Game Reserve
Halmaheira -Saketa Nature Reserve
Halmaheira -Wasile Bay
Halmaheira -Pulau Bacan
Halmaheira -Pulau Obi Nature Reserve
Halmaheira Teluk Wasile
Morotai-Waya Bula Game Reserve
Morotai Gunung Sabatai Nature Reserve
Seram -Pulau Marsegu dsk Nature Recreation Park
Seram -Pulau Suanggi Seram-Sahuwai Nature Reserve
Seram Teluk Kosa
Seram Teluk Kotania
Seram-Wae Bula
Seram-Wae Mual Nature Reserve
Seram-Wae Nua Nature Reserve
Savu-Pulau Seho Nature Reserve
Savu-Pulau Taliabu Nature Reserve
Savu-Lifamatola Nature Reserve
Buru Wae Apo Nature Reserve
Buru Gunung Kelapat Muda
Ambon-Teluk Ambon Marine Multiple Use Reserve
Ambon-Masbait Nature Reserve

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