Halmahera Lifamatola Nature Reserve

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North Moluccas

Halmahera Lifamatola Nature Reserve

(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 285/Kpts-II/1995, 6 Juli 1995. Luas areal 1.690,53 hektar.

LIFAMATOLA Nature Reserve
Lifamatola Forest Areas designated as a conservation area with
Nature Reserve status by the Minister of Forestry Decree No.
285/Kpts-II/1995 dated July 6, 1995.
Area of 1690.53 hectares.
Lifamatola Nature Reserve is included in the subdistrict of East Taliabu,
District of North Maluku, Maluku Province. Meanwhile, by region
pemangkuan natural resource conservation areas, including in Sub-Section
I KSDA North Maluku, Maluku sub BKSDA, Balai KSDA Irian Maluku Region VIII
How to reach the region
Lifamatola Nature Reserve can be reached by the way: From Ambon to
Mangole by using a frequency of aircraft flights
two times a week ie every Wednesday and Saturday with travel time
Or 1.5 hours by boat pioneer with travel time approximately 12 hours.
Next to the location of Mangole Lifamatola Nature Reserve using
motor boat / speed boat chartered by the travel time approximately 1 hour.
various types of birds and animals, among others: Small White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba),
Kasturi (Eos squamata), Nuri King (Alisterus amboinensis), Serindit (Loriculus
amabilis), Betet Sula (Trichoglussus flavovisidis)), Buru Babirusa (Babiorusa babirusa),
, Kus-Kus (Phalanger orientalis) and deer (Cervus sp).
Various types of flora of mountainous vegetation types include: Meranti (Shorea
sp), Matoa (Pometia pinnata) etc..
Activities that can be done in the framework of the management and
utilization Lifamatola Island Nature Reserve is still very limited, among others:
– To research the field, both flora and fauna.
– For a limited natural recreation.
Jln Kebun Clove
Post Office Box 97128
Phone / Fax 0911-343619, 342,766

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