Moluccas Ambon Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu

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Moluccas Ambon Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu 


To reach the Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu which are, from the central city of Ambon we can use ground transportation with a travel time of one hour. Departing from Ambon city eastwards towards Passo Affairs. At the intersection of three Passo veering to the left across the bridge, heading north and through the mountains turn green with the road and uphill. Along the way we can enjoy natural mountain scenery, with the side roads that sometimes shows the chasm, cliffs, or the expanse of green plants cloves and nutmeg soothing eye. Before reaching Kaitetu, we must first meet Hitu Affairs, which is located about 22 kilometers from Ambon. A link that is down, take us into Hitu. On the road we were treated to a panorama of North coast of Ambon island with a beautiful stretch of palm trees and mangroves. From there, we can clearly see Seram Strait by sea is calm. Arriving at the intersection of four Hitu, we must turn the vehicle to the left, or toward the west along the northern coast of Peninsula Hitu. Only when we travel 12 kilometers journey from there, we’ll find Affairs Kaitetu. Sago Construction midrib Wapauwe mosque is still preserved in its original architecture was, standing on a plot of land by local residents named theory the Samaiha. It lies between residential Kaitetu in a very simple form. Gaba gaba-walled construction (the dry sago midrib) and the sago palm leaf roof, is still functioning well as a place to air the Friday prayer and praying five times, despite existing new mosque in the village. The main building Mosque Wapauwe measures just 10 x 10 meters, while the additional buildings which are sized porch 6.35 x 4.75 meters. Typologi four square-shaped building. The original building at the time of its establishment does not have a porch. Although small and simple, this mosque has some uniqueness that is rarely held another mosque, the construction of the main building was designed without using nails or wooden pegs on each timber connection. It has also been valuable history of the mosque that is saved the best manuscripts of the Koran is said to include Indonesia’s oldest. The oldest is the Imam Muhammad Arikulapessy manuscripts that have finished writing (hand) in 1550 and without illumination (side decoration). While the other manuscripts are manuscripts written Nur Cahya who finished in the year 1590, and also without the illumination and handwritten paper on European products. Imam Muhammad Mosque Arikulapessy is the first priest Wapauwe. While Nur Cahya is the grandson of Imam Muhammad Arikulapessy. Manuscripts results of these two men ever exhibited at the Festival Istiqlal in Jakarta, in 1991 and 1995. Besides the Koran, the work of Nur Cahya others are: The Book Barzanzi or poems of praise to the Prophet Muhammad, a collection of manuscript sermons like the Sermon Manuscript First Friday of Ramadan in 1661 AD, Islamic Calendar in 1407 AD, a falaqiah (heritage) and other Islamic manuscripts that have been hundreds of years old. All are relics of earlier history, is now a heritage that is still stored Marga Hatuwe well at home heirloom Hatuwe treated by Abdul Rachim Hatuwe, descendants of Imam Muhammad Arikulapessy XII. The distance between the house heritage with a Mosque Wapauwe Hatuwe only 50 yards.

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