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The tiny volcanic island of Ternate is one of the four historic sultanates of North Maluku that were once the World’s only source of cloves and attracted traders from across the globe. Today Ternate is the capital of, and the main gateway into North Maluku province. It offers several historical sights and great volcanic scenery, dominated by active Gunung Gamalama. It is worth hopping over to its close neighbour Tidore, too.

Ternate, the most prominent of the four Moluccan sultanates, dates its foundation to 1257 AD. The ruling house traces its origins to the arrival of the Muslim sage, Sayyid Ja’afar Sadik, but the exact line of descent is subject to contradictory genealogies. The genealogies are only certain from the late sixteenth century Sultan, Zainal Abidin.

The island shares a unique history with the neighbouring states of Jailolo, Tidore and Bacan. All four share the same legendary past in which they form a cosmic whole, almost a separate universe or realm. In this universe, each state has its appointed place. Ternate forms the most important unit and its ruler is termed the Kolano ma-Luku (ruler of the Moluccas). Modern history, however, suggests that Ternate’s position owes its place military triumphs, successfully concluded when it vanquished Tidore and Jailolo in 1380.

Ternate is the destination port of Ferdinand Magellan on his trip around the world. And the port of Ternate was the landing spot of Magellan’s flagship ‘Trinidad’ (the first ship to sail around the world). Magellan never make it to Ternate and died on the shores of Philippines, however, his Firstmate Juan Sebastian Del Cano made it to Ternate and return to Spain, stated as the first man along with 18 crews to make the trip around the world.

Ternate has the oldest Clove tree in world and it is still standing today. Located in Cengkeh Rate or Cengkeh Tua area, about 10km upward to mountain Gamalama. All clove seed in the world are originated from this one tree and it is about 350 years old. As history recorded, that the Portugese and Spainard along with British and Dutch are searching for the clove seeds. The Arabs, original ruler of the regions, burned all the clove trees, afraid falling to the European hands. But the natives preserve this one tree, and from this one tree, all the clove in world are originated.

On the north of Ternate is Morotai. The former base of General Douglas MacArthur during 1944-1945. And Morotai is the place of the last Japanese soldier found at 1973, not knowing the World War II is over.

There is many historical sites such as Bastiong (bastion) or old Spainish, Portugese or Dutch forts all around the island. And many natural fenomena, such Tolire Lake, a lake form of volcanic sites.


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