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Maluku General Info


Maluku, also known as the Maluku or the Spice Islands, is a region of Indonesia consisting of approxi mately 1000 islands, that lies between Sulawesi and Papua. A place which is the transition zone between the Asian and Australian fauna and flora, and also between the Malay-based cultures of western Indonesia and those of Melanesia.
In the era of the Dutch traders, the islands of Maluku were the only place on earth where nutmeg, mace and several other valuable spices were grown. In fact, Maluku, first came to be on the world map as the place where exotic spices could be imported from. Now, however, Maluku, Indonesia, is also a well-known tourist destination.
A province of Indonesia where only 10% of the total surface area is land, Maluku, is surrounded by seas, that is, at places thousands of meters deep. But, the vast sea-coasts and long beaches are not just the topographical features of the islands. The Maluku, Indonesia, islands are forest-covered, and mountainous. The mountains are mostly craters, and, the islands of Maluku, are sitting atop one of the most active volcanic belts of the world. In fact, the last 400 years have seen more than 70 eruptions in the Maluku, Indonesia.
Maluku has many interesting places to see, that will make the visit of a tourist worthwhile.
Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku has many interesting sites of historical and cultural interests, such as
The remnants of some old forts built by the Dutch East Indies Company
The Museum Siwa Lima with its collection of local arts and crafts
Coral Sea Gardens, just off the shore around Pombo island and at Hunimoa Beach on Ambon
Maluku Sea Gardens with their bright corals and multihued marine life, seen through crystal clear waters

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