Ternate, Sultan of Ternate Mudaffar II Sjah

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Ternate, Sultan of Ternate Mudaffar II Sjah


There are 5 kingdoms in the North-Moluccans : Ternate, Tidore, Bacan, Jailolo and Loloda.

Ternate is an island in the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia. It is located off the west coast of the larger island of Halmahera. The island city has a population of just under 200.000 on some 111.39 km2.

Present Sultan (2014): Sultan of Ternate Mudaffar II Sjah (48th sultan)

The Sultanate of Ternate is one of the oldest Muslim kingdoms in Indonesia, established by Baab Mashur Malomo in 1257. It reached its Golden Age during the reign of Sultan Baabullah (1570–1583) and encompassed most of the eastern part of Indonesia and a part of southern Philippines. Ternate was a world producer of cloves and a major power in the region from the 15th to 17th centuries.
The dynasty which ruled Ternate still exist today as well as the Sultanate itself, though they no longer hold any political power. Ternate is ruled by an unbroken line of rulers since its first king, Baab Mashur Malamo in 13th century. The current sultan is H.H. Sultan Drs. H. Mudaffar II Syah who assumed the title in 1986.

Sejarah kesultanan: link
Sejarah kesultanan: link

History of the sultanate: link
History of the sultanate:
History of the sultanate: link

Political resurrection of the king: link

When you want to mold dynasties, kerajaan, king,Halamaheira,Ternate, Sultan-Drs.-Mudafar-II-Syah-Masjur-Kamo-Lanoake it complete you should put Masjur Kamo Lano behind his name. Before his predessors had even more elaborate titles.
When his father Sultan Iskandar Muhammad Djabir Syah (the last ruling sultan) died in 1975 his crownprince Mudafar became quite political active for his area and remained as such through out his life until now. In 1987 he installed himself as Sultan of Ternate, but in that time that wasn’t recognized officially.
He is married now with his 4th wife, which is a princess of Surakarta.
In 2000 he was in the middle of a poltical crisis in the N-Moluccans, but now he is in more peacefull political waters. He laso was before chief of the main Indonesian political party in the N-Moluccans(Golkar)and chief of the local parliament,but now he shifted his activities more to the direct welfare of his people,business and his tasks as chief of the Forum Komunikasi dan Informasi Keraton se Nusantara;the 2nd biggest representative organisation of the Indonesian dynasties.
His crown is quite a religious symbol (in other parts of Indonesia the crown is just more a decorative symbol taken from the western culture). It is said, that it contains hair of the first muslim Sultan of Ternate, who ruled 5 centuries ago.To discuss about this item is now not important,more important, that Ternate before in history was only the 3rd dynasty of 4 of the Moluccans,but because of clever politics it became the first powerfull of the Moluccans. The raja dynasty of Loloda in West-Halmaheira says, that is is descended from a Ternate sultan and the Sultan’s dynasty of Jailo was since several centuries under the political umbrella of Ternate. It’s powerbase in the N-Moluccans is more to the west. Before the total Moluccans and the westpart of West-Paua was under the influence of the 4 N-Moluccan sultans.
Even in the Christian part of Indonesia the Sultan has family links, because his daughter Princess Mira Syah is maried with the Raja of Amarasi on Timor: Raja Robert Koroh.
The main issue now is to setle, is that not each of the 4 sultanate area’s tries to make his area the most important, but to work together in true harmomny and that is everywhere in the world the most difficult thing.
In the N-Moluccans they have the Moloku Kie Raha system:the system of the 4 Kings of the mountains (the volcano’s seen as mountains).
In Ternate they don’t have a real father to son succesionsystem. A candidate is selected by the traditional system chiefs and the Sultan. That has not been done yet. Maybe the oldest som Prince Ismunandar Aim Syah will be the crownprince later.
The Sultan is known as a quite educated man and also still speaks even Dutch.
At least all educated Indonesian people are proud, that they are still friends with their former colonisers, from which they became free from 1945-1949. In Indonesia it is like: when the problemaffair is over there is no need to obstruct, that you can become friend again with your so-called former enemy.



1257 State of Ternate founded.
1380 Ruler of Ternate becomes Kolano Maloko,
succeeding the ruler of Jailolo.
1522 – 26 Dec 1575 Portuguese protectorate.
28 Mar 1606 – May 1607 Spanish protectorate.
12 Oct 1676 Dutch protectorate.
25 Oct 1876 – 4 Oct 1879 State interrupted by Netherlands colonial government.
23 Sep 1915 – 2 Sep 1929 State interrupted by Netherlands colonial government.

Sultans (also styled Kolano Maloko)
27 Apr 1689 – 8 Dec 1714 Said Fathullah (b. 1657 – d. 1714)
8 Dec 1714 – 8 Dec 1751 Amir Iskandar Zulkarnain Saifuddin (b. 1680 – d. 1751)
8 Dec 1751 – 24 Aug 1754 Binayatullah al-Malik ul-Manab
Amir Iskandar Alauddin Mansur
Shah III (b. 1691 – d. 1754)
24 Aug 1754 – 1763 Amir Iskandar Muda Shah (b. af.1692 – d. 1763)
1763 – 28 Jul 1774 Shahid ul-Muh Taj ul-Rahman
Jalaluddin Shah (b. 1720 – d. 1774)
28 Jul 1774 – 1781 Ikhtias ul-Rahman Wahuwa Said Duna
Amir Iskandar Zulkarnain Azimuddin
Shah (d. 1781)
1781 – 27 Apr 1796 Amir Iskandar II Malik ul-Mulk
ul-Munnawir us-Sadik ul-Mukarram
27 Apr 1796 – 13 May 1801 Haj ul-Arifin Wahuwa Said Duna
Siraj ul-Buldan Infiluddin
Muharram Amir Iskandar Shah
Muhiuddin Shah (d. 1801)
13 May 1801 – 10 Mar 1807 Sirajul Bilat Shah Taj ul-Aulia
al-Mukarram Amir Iskandar Jihad
Azimuddin (d. 1807)
10 Mar 1807 – 24 Dec 1821 Said ul-Biladi Siraj ul-Kulut
ul-Mulki Amiri Iskandar Zain
ul-Bahrain Wahuwa Khair
us-Salikhin Shah (d. 1824)
(regent for successor to 25 Nov 1824)
24 Dec 1821 – 11 Oct 1823 Saifuddin Iskandar III Nasiruddin
Shah (d. 1823)
11 Oct 1823 – 20 Nov 1859 Taj ul-Mulki Amiruddin Iskandar
Kaulaini Shah (b. 1769 – d. 1859)
20 Nov 1859 – 25 Oct 1876 Binayat Illahi Mamran Siraj
ul-Mulki Amiruddin Iskandar
Wahuwa Mina Salikhin Shah (d. 1876)
25 Oct 1876 – 4 Oct 1879 Interregnum
4 Oct 1879 – Jul 1900 Tajul Mahsil Binayatullah
al-Hannan Siraj ul-Mulk Amiruddin
Iskandar IV Munawar ul-Sadik
Wahuwa Mina al-Adilin Shah (b. 1839 – d. 1900)
Jul 1900 – 20 Feb 1902 Ilham (Kolano Ara Rimoi) (d. 1902)
20 Feb 1902 – 23 Sep 1915 Tajul Mahsil Binayatullah
al-Hannan Siraj ul-Mulk Amiruddin
Iskandar V Munawar ul-Sadik
Wahuwa Mina al-Adilin Shah (d. 1941)
23 Sep 1915 – 2 Sep 1929 Interregnum
2 Sep 1929 – 4 Jul 1975 Iskandar Muhammad Jabir Shah (b. 1902 – d. 1975)
4 Jul 1975 – 29 Nov 1986 Interregnum
29 Nov 1986 – Muzaffar Shah II (b. 1934)


Ternate, kesultanan / P. Ternate – Prov. Maluku Utara

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