Papeda, Sago porridge

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Papeda, Sago porridge

“The Moluccan kitchen”, by the young generations deliberately maintained. The most striking example is the traditional Moluccan papeda, a glassy sago porridge belonging to geslurpt. It has a more or less symbolic function received: “You’re not a Moluccan, if you do not papeda can eat.”

Papeda is a porridge that serves as a basic food in the Maluku and Irian Jaya, Indonesia is in these parts of the substitute of rice.

Papeda is made of sagomeel that is mixed with cold water until smooth porridge. Subsequently, to this zetmeelpap shoots water is added continuously.

It should then be stirred constantly to prevent clumping. The porridge after a period of time begins to vitrify and to stiffen. At that moment, the papeda ready.

Much taste is not the dad, who also has no nutritional value. Therefore papeda often mixed with vegetables or fish.  And specially the papeda prepared with coconut water and then mixed with grated coconut.

Fish and shellfish are often added to the papeda. Otherwise one gets enough essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

Meat is rarely combined with papeda. It is too scarce and too expensive. Papeda is with a long forceps? of bamboo eaten, usually from a common pot or also from smaller bowls (coconuts), which then very skillful with two sticks (not a spoon) is evoked. Papeda is then removed from the wells geslurpt and it’s no disgrace that is heard by the table companions.

1 bag of potato starch
2 dl. cold water
boiling water

The potato flour in a mixing bowl and make stirring add the cold water so that a smooth paste is created. Just before dinner quite stirring as long shoots add boiling water until the mass is glassy.

While the porridge a whitish color, she’s still not done. Because sago porridge little taste is combined with savory dishes.

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