Oseh-Oseh, meatballs in coconut sauce

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Oseh-Oseh, meatballs in coconut sauce

meatballs in coconut sauce


½ kg. beef
3 shallots
3 djerut purut leaves
1 serehstengel
2 tsp. breath
4 large tbsp. water
200 ml thick coconut milk (santen asli)

1 egg
4 tbsp. vegetable oil


3 cloves garlic
1 tsp. trassi bakar
2 cm galangal or a tsp. powder
2 tsp. ketumbar
1 tsp. cumin
5 kemirinootjes


Meatballs made ​​rub the ingredients for the paste fine into a nice smooth paste. Slice the shallots finely and mix with the paste by the beef. Mix in the egg through. Form the mixture into small balls. Mix the tamarind in the water. Wadjan Heat in a frying pan or the oil and fry the meatballs brown. Add the djerut purut, the tamarind water, lemongrass and coconut milk and let the meatballs simmer slowly until tender. Keep it well in mind that the sauce thickens too much else a bit of water.

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