Kue Nastar, pineapple cakes

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Kue Nastar, pineapple cakes

Kue Nastar – pineapple cakesKue-nastar
In Indonesia itself, the pineapple cakes are very popular. The Indonesian name is Kue Nastar.

Ingredients: (about 15 pieces)

250 grams flour
150 grams butter
100 grams of cane sugar
3 eggs, 2 egg that you only need the egg yolk.
potty ananasjam
salt to taste ….. and further do you need … cake tins and a brush.

The butter you first need to reach room temperature. The cake tins with butter
Take 2 eggs and egg yolks in separate bowl.
The 3rd Beat egg (ie scramble), we use this at the last. Preheat the oven briefly to about 180 degrees


In a bowl the flour seven and do a bit of salt. The butter into pieces were included.
Now mix together well.
Everything into one mold, and it should be a smooth dough.

The counter with flour and roll out the dough to a piece of about 4 mm thick.
The dough circles stabbing, they should be as large as the cake tins. (the same diameter, but then also be slightly larger in order to be able to hold the lip).
From the dough scraps can now make a long thin roll.

Clad each muffin with all the dough.
Put a tablespoon in each muffin ananasjam and spreads it matter.
On top of the pineapple filling, place 2 thin pieces of rolling pin in the shape of a cross.

Then you brush each cross and the edge with some beaten egg for a nice brown color.
The cookies bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. In about 15 to 20 minutes are super tasty cookies …. done.

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