Kue Mangkok, Steamed cupcakes with coconut

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Kue Mangkok,  Steamed cupcakes with coconut

kue Mangkokkue-mangkok

  (kue = cake, Mongkok = cup) Steamed “Indian” cupcakes with coconut. A real treat.


2 cups self-rising flour
1 glass of grated coconut
1 glass of white sugar (and 1 glass of brown cane sugar)
2 bags vannillesuiker
1 glass of water (sparkling water)
pinch of salt.
Pink and green dye. (For sale at any toko)

10 small porcelain bowls or 8 small aluminum trays. And …. rijststomer course.


Mix all ingredients together and divide the dough into three bowls. Add in two batches of dough a few drops of the dye and leave a portion white.

Wipe all trays in first with some oil (or butter).
Then fill them with dough. I usually make itself a combination of two colors. Eg. I fill a bowl with green dough and add a spoonful of white on top. But … that of course everyone can decide for themselves. For brown kue Mangkok one replaces the white sugar for brown sugar.

Wrap the lid of the steamer in a clean tea towel. Place the steamer ready with sufficient water and boil. The biscuits Slightly more than half an hour steaming.

Note: While steaming does not get the lid off for a moment to look, cracks or else the cookies are no longer open.

If everything is successful, you hear the cue Mangkok like a flower opening, which also Rotti Koekoes the case!. Let cookies cool slightly and then sprinkle with coconut.

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