Klepon, glutinous rice balls

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Klepon, glutinous rice balls

Klepon (glutinous rice balls)Klepon
Klepon is a sweet Indian snack made of including coconut and palm brown sugar (gulah djawah). It is very good as an Indian biscuit with tea or as dessert after a large Indian rice table. Moreover, it also ‘s very festive!
Below is the recipe.

250 grams ketanmeel (glutinous rice flour)
250 ml coconut milk
Gula djawa (hardened brown palm sugar disks)
150 grams grated dried coconut
A few drops of green dye (comes in a bottle and is simply for sale at the shop.)
Water and a little salt

In a rijststomer 150 grams grated coconut with a pinch of salt as warm. Do not rijststomer, take a deep saucepan filled it a quarter full with water and place a metal colander above it on. Once the water boils, grated coconut with a pinch of salt in colander and do just as long to steam until the coconut is soft.

Take a saucepan and fill it full of water.
This water boil, once boiling on the fire leave. The water should continue bubbling.
Meanwhile 2 to 3 disks goelah djawah (brown sugar) into small cubes, about half a cm. In a bowl ketanmeel coconut milk and mix well.
A few drops of green dye to it and mix well.
The whole is a pastel green color.
From all this a nice, dry, making dough, it should not stick to your fingers.
Then you can from this meal, make small round balls (slightly smaller than a ping pong ball).
Take a piece of dough, make a ball and put a small dimple in.
Stop into the well a little brown sugar and make it pretty close.

Make about 10 of these filled balls and place them one by one into the pan with boiling water. When the balls float, they are ready.
The dough is cooked and the sugar is melted in the ball
Very carefully remove the balls and in the colander with the coconut do.
The balls one by one the grated coconut went up, until they completely covered.
In this sequence until you go through the dough runs out.
If the coconut hard again be dry cleaned again.
The coconut balls are best eaten when hot, you can warm them in the steamer.
If you still have left (which I certainly do not think because they are very tasty) do not worry, Klepon can easily be frozen in freezer containers.

Bite the Klepon but not stop it at once in the mouth. When the piece bitten goela djawa runs out. Eat Klepon within a day because otherwise it gets tough.

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