kare ayam

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kare ayam

kare ayamKare-ayam

Do you know what is so fun to make this chicken dish? Without too much extra work and no additional purchases, hh easily conjures another dish on the table.
Tip for the very nice to …..:
Once the chicken is about ten minutes on low heat simmer has listed, it should be removed from the wadjan. Let the chicken drain and fry briefly thereafter. This gives you a delicious hen by the “marinade” a spicy taste to it. Then the chicken is put back into that delicious sauce.


1 chicken
10 fresh chillies
3 red chilies
7 shallots
2 cloves garlic
1 slice of ginger about 3 cm
1 slice kunyit about 3 cm
1 slice of 2 cm laos
1 tsp. ketumbar
1 tsp. trassi
5 candle nuts nuts
1 stalk lemon grass
1 block santen
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 daun jeruk
1/2 tsp. a slice of brown cane sugar or gula djawa
salt to taste


Clean the chicken and cut it in stukjes.Maak the chillies and the chilies clean. Peel the shallots and garlic. Peel the ginger and galangal kunyit thin. Make all this in the cobek or blender with the coriander, shrimp paste and the kemirinootjes a paste. Cut the upper part of the lemon grass and place the crushed lemongrass in a knot.

Make the block santen with the coconut milk 1 cup water. Heat up the oil in the wajan and fry the spice paste until golden
Put the pieces of chicken and saute those two minutes. Add the santen, the lemon grass, the daun jeruk, sugar and salt to taste and cook the chicken about 20 minutes over low heat to simmer.
Let the chicken drain and then fry it. With the serving of the chicken, this delicious again in the sauce.

Mmmmm ….. tasty food. (Selamat makan)



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