Index Indonesian for Maluku food

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Index Indonesian for Maluku food

Abon sapi = Abon sapi

Ayam besengeh = Ayam besengeh

Ayam cabe kering = Tasty spicy fried chicken

Ayam paniki = Ayam paniki

Ayam sapit = Ayam sapit

Babi pee = Spicy pork dish with ginger

Bami Kuwa = Noodle soup

Bapao = Steamed bun with filling

Basoh = Beef meatballs with a spicy sauce

Be pindang megoreng = Fried sardines in a chilli sauce

Bebaris Tiga = Bebaris Tiga

Brambang Isi = Stuffed Onions

Brongkos daging = Brongkos daging

Bumbu Hijau Ayam = Banda Style Chicken

Carang mas = Deep-fried sweet potato strips

Cendol = cold drink of sugar and coconut

Chicken In A Tart Sauce = Chicken In A Tart Sauce

Colo-colo = Fish in soy sauce

Cucur = Tasty dessert Moluccan

Curry telor = Curry telor

Dadar bumbu = Delicious spicy omelette

Dadar hati ayam = Omelet with seasoned chicken livers

Dadar isi = Omelet with minced meat and coconut

Dadar kebertu = omelet stuffed with curry mince

Daging age = Beef with a mild taste of coconut

Dendeng blado = Crunchy pieces “pedis” meat, lime and tomato

Dendeng ragi = Spicy and tangy beef with coconut

Domba Bakar = Grilled lamb chops

Empal daging = slices of beef seasoned and baked

Frikandel = Frikandel

Gimbal lembut = Delicious shrimp cakes

Gulé bengala daging = Gulé bengala daging

Gule kambing = Gule kambing

Ikan belado = Ikan belado

Ikan jahé = fish fried in a spicy ginger sauce

Jus alpokat = Jus alpokat

Kambing masak pedas = Baked goat pedis

kare ayam = kare ayam

Kare Domba = Delicious braised lamb

Kembang Col Goreng = Fried cauliflower florets

Kue obat = biscuits

Klepon = glutinous rice balls

Kolak = tasty fruit snack

Kue cara Isi = Round cakes with a chicken filling

Kue Mangkok = Steamed cupcakes with coconut

Kue Nastar = pineapple cakes

Kue Semprong = wafers =

Lapis daging = Fried and seasoned beef slices

Lidah Sapi Sauce Tomat = beef tongue in tomato sauce

mango lassi = mango lassi

Matrabak = Matrabak

Nasi bonkie = A tasty snack

Nasi uduk = Rice steamed in spicy coconut milk

Nimbu Pani, = lemonade

Opor tahu telor daging = Opor tahu telor daging

Oseh-Oseh = meatballs in coconut sauce

Paha ayam pangang = Roasted chicken with a spicy sauce

Palaro = Fried beef with sauce of spices and herbs

Pangsit = Pangsit

Papeda = Sago porridge

Perk Edel jagung kepiting = Corn cakes with crab

Perkedel Ikan = Delicious fish cakes

Petis udang telor = Petis udang telor

Pindang Kuning = Moluccan fish dish

Rempah banka = Triangles of fried spiced pork

Rempejek katjang = peanut cookies

Roti Jala = pancakes

Roti pudding = bread pudding

Sambal goreng telor = eggs in a spicy sauce

Sayur lodeh = Sayur lodeh

Sontong kecap = Moluccan squid dish

Spekkuk = layer cake

Steamed bread = cake

Tahu tumis kecap = Diced fried tofu in sweet soy sauce

Teh jahe = ginger Tea

Telor Dadar Kelapa = spicy omelette with coconut

Telor masak kecap = Boiled eggs “spicy” sweet soy sauce

Telor stenga Raja = eggs

Tino ransa = Spicy and delicious spicy braised pork

Tulang iga babi = spareribs



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