Ayam besengeh

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Ayam besengeh

Ayam besengehAyam-besengh


1 chicken
2 onions
3 cloves garlic
2 fresh red pepper
1 tsp. trassi
3 kemiri nuts
2 tsp. turmeric
1 tsp. ketoembar
1 tsp. Laos
1 stalk lemon grass
1 tsp. breath
1/2 block santen
1 tsp. goela djawa (or brown cane sugar)
salt, pepper, oil

Slice or chop the chicken into pieces and salt it.
Fry the chopped onions in oil.
Oelek (stamp) the garlic, red pepper, shrimp paste, kemirie, turmeric, coriander, galangal and tamarind fine. Add it to the onions.

The chicken with 2 cups water.
Let all this simmer for about 20 min (if necessary, add hot water).
Now the santen stirring in the dish melt.
Add the goela djawa far.
Stir to a small fire until the oil comes from the flesh.
The court should not be too much evaporation.
Serve with a mata sapi (fried egg), pickles and chips.



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