West Kalimantan, Kapuas River

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West Kalimantan, Kapuas River


Kapuas River, located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province . Kapuas River stretches from the province of West Kalimantan South Kalimantan Till. Length is 1143 km and is the longest river in Indonesia. Among cultures that exist along the Kapuas River, this river flows through the city of Pontianak. Although the piece but the Kapuas River is the lifeblood of the city of Pontianak. Pontianak Kapuas River is the center of trade routes and transportation. Day-to-day variety of transportation modes cornucopia of water in this river.
Motor boats, traditional boats and ships carrying agricultural products adorn the river fro. For anyone who first visited the River Kapuas Pontianak, views and fro these ships will make a clicking sound amazed that these ships were floating on a river. The length of the river is indeed conspicuous, so too wide. Carrying an average width of the Kapuas River Pontiac is 400-700 meters. When compared to the road on land, in the hemisphere where there is not even that wide highway. On the whole flow of the Kapuas River are navigable by large-sized ferry boat’s length of 800 km or up to the upper Kapuas, West Kalimantan. The distance is almost equal to the distance between the city of Surabaya – Jakarta.

Kapuas River Pontianak by branching two tributaries namely the Kapuas River and Little River Hedgehogs, Pontianak split into 3 parts. Namely South and West Pontianak, Pontianak East, and North Pontianak. There are two bridges spanning the River Kapuas Pontianak and its tributaries. The first is 410 yards along the Kapuas Bridge was built in 1983, connecting Pontianak with the South East. Meanwhile, throughout the 319-meter bridge connects Hedgehogs Pontiac North East. In addition to the division above, there is also the division that are commonly used by residents. The first is the area of the city, region consisting of plantations and small cities as well, the last is the old town area. With this division can be shown flashes of the history and development of residents in the surrounding rivers.

In the area of the city, tourists can see the hustle and bustle of city activities citizen version of Pontianak. In this region there are also new buildings constructed with more consideration than the functional aspects of the authenticity of the original architecture Pontianak. But unfortunately, the utilization of Pontianak Kapuas River in the region fade over the growing continental area. In the second area, the rest of life Pontianak still visible, but this region is dominated by oil palm plantations in particular. This is where many found the ships carrying the plantations and other crops such as wood, coal and sand. Meanwhile, old town area is a traditional society prototype Kapuas River. Residents in the region, most still rely on its economic life by searching for fish along the Kapuas River. The method and equipment used are still traditional. Above the wooden boat, a resident of this fish finder can download about 300 species of fish that inhabit it the Kapuas River. One of the fish that are excellent are catfish.

The function of economic, social and transport very well accommodated by the River Kapuas Pontianak, making this river the center of all activities of citizens of Pontianak. In the morning the tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this river shaded sky. The ships which were anchored in the river could add to the beauty of this landscape. The combination of the object is of course suitable if the target camera lens from a distance.

The diversity of ethnic tribes people who live around the river can also be enjoyed as a dish of cultural tourism. Patchwork of ethnic Malay, Banjar, Dayak, Chinese and other ethnic groups, making the Kapuas River is rich Pontiaanak acculturation results. One of them can be seen from the dialect spoken as well as cuisine-cooking.

For the culinary connoisseur, the ranks of restaurants along the river also can not be missed. A variety of special menus such as wet crackers, Tomar grilled fish and various fish-based menu of fresh water is difficult to forget the tongue, considering that the fish in to the original from the Kapuas River. Also, along the Kapuas River. Travelers can also see the diversity of the population architecture. Among the building in the Chinatown area, architectural relics such as Pontianak Sultanate mosque Jami ‘, as well as Kadriyah palace which was situated in the delta of the river in the old town area.
Along the River Kapuas Pontianak, there are restaurants and restaurants with typical Pontianak fish menus are largely derived from the Kapuas River. The same dispersion for the accommodation of the inn. For travelers who choose hotels qualification, in the heart of Pontianak, there are several options that could be an alternative. Meanwhile in the rivers upstream, souvenir shops and art shops ready to serve the needs of tourists will be souvenirs and handicrafts typical of Pontianak.

From the city of Pontianak, tourists can start the journey towards the river Kapuas Pontianak through Gajahmada road. After that, tourists use the form oplet land transport modes (public transport term in Malay) Lower Cape majors. This transport route could be identified from car paint that is white with dark green line.

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