South Kalimantan Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve

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Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve

Pulau Kaget, Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam

Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve consists of the islands Pulau Kaget and Pulau Temburung and comprises an area of 85 ha. The islands are located in the Sungai Barito, a little south of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan province.
Both islands were famous for their Proboscis monkeys, which could be seen along the islands’ rivers. However, the island’s vegetation was destroyed in 2000 and the Proboscis Monkeys were “evecuated” to Surabaya Zoo where most died. Only 4-5 monkeys remain on the island. Not far from Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve, lies the 60 ha Pulau Kembang Recreation Park. Here half-tame Long-tailed macaques try to steal your belongings.
Pulau Kaget Nature Reserve is easy accessible from Banjarmasin. It only takes a 1.5 hr. (2 km) journey by klotok over the river Barito. Klotoks depart from Pelabuhan Ujung Murung in Banjarmasin.
* Banjarmasin
o Many possibilities.

Pulau Kaget
* Euphorbiaceae
o Baccaurea motleyana

Pulau Kembang
* Gramineae
o Bambusa spiralis
* Lythraceae
o Sonneratia spp.
* Malvaceae
o Hibiscus tiliaceus
* Palmae
o Nypa fruticans
* Pandanaceae
o Pandanus tectorius

* Long-tailed macaque – Macaca fascicularis
* Proboscis monkey – Nasalis larvatus

On Pulau Kembang also the Silvered leaf monkey – Trachypithecus cristatus.


* Red-breasted Parakeet – Psittacula alexandri
* Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher – Cyornis rufigastra
* Chestnut-rumped Babbler – Stachyris maculata
* Great Tit – Parus major


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