West Kalimantan Keraton Kesultanan Sambas

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West Kalimantan Keraton Kesultanan Sambas 


Masjid mosque Sultan of Sambas is located in the palace complex of the Sultanate of Sambas district, Sambas, West Kalimantan. Officially called the Masjid Masjid Sultan Muhammad II Syafi’oeddin is noted as the oldest mosque in West Kalimantan. history Jami Masjid Sultan of Sambas was originally the home of the sultan who then made the prayer room. Built by Sultan Omar Aqomuddin Sambas District ruled in 1702-1727 BC, and a small mosque was renovated by his son, Sultan Muhammad Saifuddin and developed into jami mosque and inaugurated on October 10, 1885 AD The mosque is noted as the oldest mosque in West Kalimantan . architecture The number of poles in the middle of this part of the Masjid Jami ‘of eight rods founders are meaningful to the Sultan or the Sultan to-8-14 line of the Sultanate of Sambas kingdom All of these buildings are also made of wood purchases.

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