South Kalimantan, Banjar Wedding

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South Kalimantan, Banjar Wedding


The Banjar or Banjarese (Urang Banjar in Banjarese language; اورڠ بنجر in Jawi script) are a coastal, native ethnic group that settled in Tanah Laut and Banjarmasin in the south and in Hulu Sungai in the north of South Kalimantan, Indonesia, the second largest city on the island of Borneo. Several centuries ago, some of them had travelled to many places in the Malay archipelago. They set up pockets of settlement there, in Perak (mostly in Parit Buntar and Teluk Intan region), Selangor around (Sabak Bernam and Sungai Besar), in Johor (Batu Pahat), in Medan as well as other places. The Banjarese people are made up of the native Dayaks, other Malays from Sumatra, and Javanese from Java.

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