Kalimantan, Dayak wedding

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Kalimantan, Dayak wedding


During ceremony or hosting important guests they cut pigs, buffalo or chicken. So these kind of meat only made available during ceremony. Side income for them is collecting rattan, taping rubber, and resine in the forest. The Dayak is very skillful in weaving by rattan, they make hats, mat, basket, and others which is the work of women. The villages of Dayak in the inner part of Kalimanatn do not yet have market, so they sell their products to the merchants that come to their villages, or some bring themselves to the cities such as Kuala Kapuas or even Banjarmasin, the capital city of South Kalimantan. Kinship system of Dayak is based on big family which in the past reside the long house both based on Patrilineal or matrilineal. This unit of big family also as the base of working co-operation for planting rice, opening new forest and other big and heavy job. For marriage the most ideal is those generation having the same grand father or grand mother. Considered tabou is marriage between brothers, child to parents, and if their fathers are brothers (pa tri-parallel-cousin).

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