East Kalimantan, Kutai-Aji Pangeran Adipati Surya Adiningrat

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Kutai-Aji Pangeran Adipati Surya Adiningrat

His Royal Highness Aji Pangeran Adipati Surya Adiningrat; the Crown prince of Kutai, with the Crown princessKuta, Aji Pangeran Adipati Surya Adiningrat H.R.H. Raden Puspa Kencana; accompanied by a royal delegation will visit in may 2009; as representative of his father Sultan Aji Haji Mohammad Salehoeddin II, the Netherlands.
The meaning for this 2nd Kutai royal visit in 2 years to the Netherlands will be the promotion of the royal and general culture of Kutai (as a sultanate officially known as Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura) the Kingdom of the (prosperous) Kutai and Kutai-Martadipura (a former statelett with whom it merged ca. 500 years ago).
Kutai is known as the oldest kingdom of Indonesia (already existing ca. 1600 years) and nowadays known as an area whose dynasty is able to show very much yearly of their culture and history.
The mostly yearly Era festival (remembrance of the settlement of the dynasty at his present residence; meant to uphold a good contact between the population and the royal family) is a good example of that.
The old and last used palace in the time, that the sultans still were ruling officially over Kutai is now a museum which displays royal and general local objects.
Nearby is the modern, but built in traditional style, palace, which is now the official residence of the sultan (although he lives mostly in a villa nearby).
The beautiful royal graves at 2 places (one near the old palace) and other items makes it very fascinating (and it makes you amazed, that nearly unknown, there is such an interesting place in Indonesia) to go there for a while.
Kutai is known for it’s relaxed atmosphere.
Very beautiful nature nearby.
The royal city of Tenggarong along the Mahakam-river is a nice place. Kutai is the most prosperous area (oil; also it is called “the Brunei of Indonesia”) of Indonesia and it is also a rare place, where prosperity has preserved the old culture (and atmosphere).
The in Holland as Aji Arifin born crown prince (his father studied at a Dutch university in the 1950-ies) is a government official (like his father was before) and; because of the age of his father (83 years) he is more and more representing his father and the local government at royal meetings, promotion activities, ritual meetings,etc.
His father still maintains in a wonderful and strong way his role as King of Kutai; at least as a focus point for the cultural identity of the Kutai area.
Because of the works of the previous Bupati of Kutai Kartanegara, Dr. Syaukani, Kutai could see many stimulating activities to preserve the rich and interesting royal culture of Kutai.
It is wonderful to see, that even outside Java the young Indonesian generation is very eager to listen and learn from the older generations the old dances, the old histories, the old music, etc. All are proud also to have preserved their old culture.
That is very nice to experience in Indonesia: the motto of the coat of arms of Indonesia is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) and especially in the last years the young school going people are taught the meaning and ability to perform their old culture.
The present crown prince and crown princess of Kutai play a major role in such activities together with the Sultan and other members of the dynasty.
From 21 may until 1 June 2009 there will be the very big Indonesian fair in Den Haag/Holland: the Tong Tong Festival (very near the Central Railway station).
The royal delegation of Kutai with a cultural general delegation will attend this festival.
Very precious and interesting: nowadays rarely such high Indonesian royals visit the Netherlands, with whom it was connected in the past also in good ways.

Probably the royal delegation (they will have a special contact place at the festival) will stay in Holland for ca. 1 1/2 week.
More precise details we hope to give you as soon as possible after messages received from the local government and royal dynasty.

Kutai Kartanegara: Pangeran Aji Adipati Prabu Anum Surja Adiningrat

On the 25th of may 2009 it was finally the day of His Royal Highness the Pangeran Makhota, or Crown prince of Kutai Kartanegara: Pangeran Aji Adipati Prabu Anum Surja Adiningrat to try to see his house, where he was born in 1951 in the town of Wassenaar; near Leiden in Holland. There his father, who then was the crown prince of Kutai Kartanegara, was studying at the Royal University of Leiden.
The Crown prince returned as a boy of 5 years to Kutai. But first the Crown prince had to fulfill his duties to lead the cultural dance and music group of Kutai Kartanegara at the Tong Tong Fair in Den Haag. That is for the present promotion of extraordinary places and cultures of Indonesia in Europe. First the Crown prince in the presence of the Chief of the Department of Economic Development of Kutai Kartanegara; Pangeran Gondo Prawiro with his wife, and their respective staffs were greeted with extra respect by the organization of Tong Tong Fair. Then the show of traditional and modern culture of Kutai Kartanegara began. A truly impressive show, which luckily also impresses the very big audience (the audience hall was filled until the last place) at the place of the dances and show of modern clothes with inspiration of local weaving traditions.
The royal dances, the general Melayu dances and the Dayak dances; accompanied by the for Dutch ears very unique sound of Kutai music and also the modern clothes show took 75 minutes. The Dutch audience was same impressed by the unique Kutai culture, which was because of their liveliness and happy character very liked by the Dutch audience. After 75 minutes the total audience was very unhappy, that it already ended, because they found it less from boring. The Crown prince especially was accompanied by the representative of the Dutch National Council of Nobility: Drs. Ferdinand F. Baron de Smeth van Alphen (whose family was for generations very close to the Royal Family of Holland). The Baron has the last years a project to try to exchange experiences with the Royal and Princely families of Indonesia with the Noble and Royal families of Europe concerning their functioning in the so-called modern time; especially their value for preserving the old culture and some moral values as well. The Crown prince was very proud to explain time after time his culture to this important nobleman from Holland. Coming Friday the Dutch nobility; lead by the Baron, will be present again at a show of Kutai and other Indonesia culture at a cultural day in Den Haag; organized by the Indonesian embassy in the Netherlands. The Dutch audience was also very impressed to have a real crown prince of Indonesia near them for am while and more, they were impressed because it was also the Crown prince of the oldest kingdom of Indonesia (Kutai already exists for 1600 years). After the event the Crown prince was not able to refind his house of birth. But that would come later. Together with Pangeran Gondo Prawiro and their staffs he had to do more work to strengthen the position of Kutai as a tourist destination and also had to talk with Dutch archive researchers to try to find more old historical Kutai pictures, films and other documents, in which they were quite successful. After a bit relaxing as well some times and trying the for their taste strange Dutch food (only the Crown prince was happy to again taste the food of the country), where he had lived the first 5 years of his life like cheese, milk, havermout (Dutch porridge) and the best strawberries of the world (from Holland).
At 22.30 the royal- and civil delegation from Kutai Kartanegara finally could lay down their duties for the promotion of the royal and general culture of Kukar in Holland and went exhausted to sleep. Many Dutch people only remained with one question:
where the Kutai Kartanegara dance and music group had taken the enormous amount of energy with which they performed their culture; a culture which was truly not in their mind, but in their heart.
Kutai culture: a truly unique culture. And that is no flattering

Kutai Kerta Negara

…. Kutai state founded in remote legendary antiquity.
1960 State abolished by Indonesia.
8 Aug 1825 Dutch protectorate.
1960 State abolished by Indonesia.
22 Sep 2001 Restored.

Rulers (from c.1732, sultans)
1686 – 1705 Aji Ragi (b. c.1679 – d. 1705)
1705 – 1711 Tua ing Martapura (b. 1665 – d. 1730)
1711 – 1732 Anom Pa



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