Yokjakarta, Parangtritis Waterfall

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Yokjakarta, Parangtritis  Waterfall


Parangtritis the Indian Ocean coast is extremely popular in the city of Yogyakarta, this beach is located in the Village Parangtritis, Kretek district, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia or about 25 kilometers south of the city of Yogyakarta, where the traveled by motorcycle from Yogyakarta takes approximately one hour, if you want to use public transport Parangtritis beach you can go to terminal Umbulharjo, to reach the location of this beach there are two routes on offer, namely through the Clove and Imogiri-Siluk, but I’d suggest passing lane because Imogiri-Siluk the way you will pass the King family cemetery and you will also pass through the limestone hills are very beautiful, but require a longer time than the passing lane Kretek, you just need a quick pick up or pass through a longer path but with great views. Parangtritis beach is a very beautiful beach with a gently sloping sand, big waves is characteristic of this beach, but there was a hill next to the beach make this beach used as a place suitable for sports such as paragliding and others, when you visit this beach you can rent horses along the beach or for those of you who have an adventurous spirit you can rent ATV would be more mengasikan. For those of you who like to swim I suggest do not try to swim on this beach because the waves are so big and the wind is blowing pretty hard too, but do not worry for those who want to play water there is available a public bath, including bath Wedang Parang where the water is said to treat various skin diseases due to water containing sulfur, not only that, bagia of you who like to kite you can also play a kite on the beach Parangtritis must be very pleasant and very favorite activities on this beach is seen when the sun goes down, for I suggest you visit this beach during the afternoon. The myth of Nyai Roro south also makes the attraction of this beach, the beach is often performed rituals to honor Nyai Roro south, the Sultan’s Palace also makes Parangtritis beach as the location for the holding of ceremonies Labuhan, in addition to the palace of Yogyakarta, local fishermen are also doing the ceremony in certain days, the event made pelarungan offerings and colorful flowers into the sea, many people who believe that Parangtritis beach is a gateway to the supernatural. In spite of it all, As a tourist area, Parangtritis managed either by the Government of Bantul Regency. Starting from any existing facility and around the tourist attractions are well managed.

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