West Java, Muarajaya waterfall, Majalengka

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West Java, Muarajaya waterfall, Majalengka



Absorbing the rush of a waterfall that fell into the river bottom to create a rhythm of harmony. The cool mountain air and cold water increasingly complement the natural atmosphere, making your visit at this attraction a memorable and unforgettable experience. Introducing Muarajaya waterfall, a blend of the two rivers and the estuary is situated at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level in Mountain Regions Ceremai. The water comes from several tributaries, such as Kali Ciapuy, Cilengkrang, and Ciherang.

If you like camping, this attraction also offers camping facilities as well as other supporting facilities. Your camping activities will be supported by the clarity of the river water and shade trees around, which is one of the advantages of this attraction. In addition, there are banana plantations Apuy who became one of the potential of the local villages because it has a sweet flavor and soft. All of this will make the experience a quality one with nature for you and anyone who comes into this area.

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