West Java, Green Canyon, Cijulang

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West Java,  Green Canyon, Cijulang



This is our primary target to visit, long way to go from Jakarta just to have a look on this beautiful canyon.

It has a name as Cukang Taneuh which has meaning as “Soil Bridge”, don’t know why they call that but I was not able to see that Soil bridge or perhaps I was not able to understand the meaning, but what the hack ………. I came down here not to discuss about the name, but want to see the schenary.

The place is about 45 minutes drive from our hotel, we drive along the road that has evidences of tsunami disaster 2 years ago. More about 2 – 3 km along the beach has wiped-out. Indeed it has very high waves, even though in normal conditions. It is a pity I do not have chance to take a picture on this area.

So We keep driving heading to Cijulang, Surprisingly it has an Airport in the neighborhood, that Mr. President SBY used it to visit tsunami evidence last time, called Nusawiru Airstrip.

We keep driving until we reach what they call “Dermaga Green Canyon” A small jetty place to start our journey with small boat. We have to pay Rp. 70.000/boat and has to use two boats since the boat is only has 5 passengers capacity with 2 crew. Then the Journey begins.

At the first time, I already impress with the river that have very clear water, even though the water has green color but it won’t stop you to see the underneath till the bottom of the river. If you lucky you’ll see fish running around in the shore, and perhaps one or two “giant lizard” is swimming in the river. It’s like a journey in the middle of “Latin America” jungle, Quiet River, large trees; green water except off course there would no crocodile and Packs of piranhas around here.

After about 20 minutes ride, we arrive in the final destinations, with a large cave as like as a gateway to this place, then we found our selves be inside in the cave it self, facing not to large very greenish lagoon inside. This is actually called the Cukang Taneuh. The boat has to stop here, and we have to get out from the boat standing on top of the rocks to watch this beautiful place. Lucky we are departing early in the morning, since it will become very crowded if there are more than 3 boats around.

Next, everybody can not resist jump-in into the water, so here we are, swimming in the natural pool giving us very unique experiences. Even Nathan & Tasha are very excited to swim, off-course we have to wear our life-vest and goggle.

It is very beautiful place ……………………………………………………

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